Code is Poetry. Websites are Paintings. (forking the WordPress footer)

Talk Proposal: WordCamp Los Angeles, 2016 Money Every piece of American money in your pocket, right now, every bill, every coin, has 3 words on it. Do you know what those 3 words are? Do you know what they mean? Every page of the massive website carries 3 words as its footer. Do you […]

Other people’s photos of my

Do you really have to take pix to document everything you do? Haven’t all the pix already been taken? Can’t you just use other peeps pix of your vacation?

Aimee Bender & David Wilson

A conversation with author and USC professor Aimee Bender, and Museum of Jurassic Technology director David Wilson. Recorded on 22 May 2006 in the Museum of Jurassic Technology tea room.

SEE Eyewear

The Mondo Guerra collection at SEE Eyewear: amazing design, helpful people, reasonable prices! No more boring eyeglass frames!

How I walked into the Microsoft Store to buy an MS Surface for WordPress & walked out of the Apple Store with a MacBook for Ghost

I tried to buy an MS Surface for WordPress at the Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza, but somehow bought a Macbook for Ghost at the Apple Store!

Locutus of Borg

Michelle Leonhart is curating Crash the Planet for CRASH space, a Los Angeles hackerspace. My painting Locutus, an abstract-geometric portrait of Locutus of Borg (Patrick Stewart) seemed like the best contribution I could make. Locutus came pretty close to crashing the planet.

The Scale of Art in Cyberspace

Works of art have scale. Cyberspace has zoom factor. What happens when a corporeal work of art is experienced in cyberspace? What is the nature of works of art created there?

Of fake candles & uncanny valleys

Electronic candles are like the polyester leisure suits of our age. Liars. LEDs are like the vinyl miniskirts of our age. Celebrations of new materials.