The 52 weekly trips to Hollywood Blvd. for the #52shadesOfTrump project have caused me to spend time on the LA Metro Gold Line, Red Line, at Union Station, and walking Hollywood, Highland, Sunset, Vine, and other streets in Hollywood, California. All with a camera in my hand.

Merlino Gallery

It’s small size and long, 2.35:1 aspect ratio make the Merlino Gallery unique among the 5 galleries at the Long Beach State University School of Art. In this new project, I consider the 30 exhibitions/year featured at Merlino Gallery.

In The Boy’s Room

Above the men’s room urinals in the Long Beach State University, Student Union are 2 chalkboards that usually feature some spontaneous opinion, vernacular expression, or drawing. This semester I am photographing these chalkboards after my Monday & Wednesday office hours.

Janus Drawing Portfolio

For “Pissed Off” at Tom of Finland Foundation, I made a series of automatic drawing diptychs with artists & guests at the event. For each drawing we meditated either on “Anger & Frustration” or “Joy & Human Fulfillment”.

Philosophy in the Bedroom

For my portion of Philosophy in the Bedroom with Sheree Rose, Rhiannon Aarons and Martin O’Brien, I brought 4,000, 1-inch-diameter, orange, cheese balls and performed a monologue about the perils of green food.