Crash the Planet

Curator Michelle Leonhart’s Crash the Planet installed today and opened tonight at Los Angeles hackerspace CRASH Space.

Spheres floating in a star field. Each field carries images from unencrypted data traversing the CRASH Space routers
Hack the Planets, Michelle Leonhart, @tinwhiskerz

The universe is made of you and I and all the unencrypted data we sent over the network today.

Visuals curated by your devices.

— Michelle Leohart

Perceptoscope: Hack the Gibson, Ben Sax

Experience flying through the Gibson mainframe as it’s under attack by hackers from around the globe.

Crash the Planet

From the website:

CRASH THE PLANET is an interdisciplinary exhibition of multimedia art and technology, featuring 30+ local Los Angeles artists.

Installation by Mat
sn1987a hydrozoan, matt pinner

Drawing machine
pulling strings No. 8, Richard Busby

THE ART: Projection Mapping – Hack Art – Neon Sculpture – Photography – Digital Installation – Video Games – Glitch Art – Virtual Reality – Traditional Painting – Electronic Art – Sound Installation

Crash the Planet at CRASH Space, Los Angeles, Opening night reception
Opening Reception!

Opening reception at CRASH Space

THE ARTISTS: Adelle Lin – Alusion – bangsplat – Barb Noren – Ben Sax – Brian Higgins – carlynorama – cat whisperer – Duncan Malashock – Evelyn Masso – Flipbookit – Glenn IRS – Holly Hudson – Jacob Joaquin – Jay Jacobs – Joshua Kirsch – Justin
Corwin – Kalle Rakete – Kevin – Levi Simons – makecation – Mark Sharlow – Matt Pinner – mercurious – Michelle Leonhart – netmerc – Richard Busby – risknc – Sean Bonner – Steve Goldstein – the lawrax – todbot – Trammel Hudson

Installation of Crash the Planet at CRASH Space Los Angeles

Neon Polyhedron
Rhombicosineondodecahedron, Joshua Kirsch