New Wing Paddle

I’m currently using a “Flyer” wing paddle with a mid-sized blade from Fast Kayak in Central California. I’ve been using it for years and I love it. I’d like to try a smaller blade and a higher cadence.

Maybe a Braca XI Surf Ski paddle with a 675cm2 blade and a 217-227 shaft is my next paddle?

A Fenn surf ski or kayak sitting on slings on a concrete deck between a boat house and the beach.
Glenn Zucman’s Fenn XT surf ski on the deck at the Newport Aquatics Center in Newport Beach, California.
I bought my paddle some years back from a Santa Cruz, CA company, Fast Kayak. This is their “Flyer” winged paddle. They offered “Large”, “Mid”, and “Small” blades. This is their “Mid”. I’ve been using it at 222cm and 90 degrees.

The Fast Kayak Flyer is the 1st wing paddle I’ve owned. I still love this paddle. Switching from a flat paddle to a wing was night and day! The flat blades worked but didn’t inspire that much confidence. The wing, yes, is much faster and feels more powerful. Almost more is the feel in the water. The blade grabs into the water and has a positive, confident “lock” on the water as I move through the stroke. By contrast, a flat paddle cavitates and is just kind of there.

Kayak winged paddle blade with a tape measure across the widest part showing a 17 cm width.
I’m not certain from where to where to measure, but it looks like the blades are 17cm wide.
IDK how to measure the length of the blade!
I love the Flyer’s metal latch. A bunch of paddler’s showed up at NAC one year with Braca paddles with even nicer metal latches. I’m nervous about the Braca “Surf Ski” plastic latches. I’ve seen many paddles with crappy latching systems.
I heard somewhere, maybe a Dawid Mocke video, that the correct paddle length should be from your toes to the top of your palm with your arm outstretched. Here’s a 222cm paddle that looks right by that measure. 222cm or 217-227cm seems longer than most people use or recommend. But it seems correct by this photo.