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Conversations. Exhibitions. Exploring creativity & culture with artists, authors, and other creatives. Why do we make the work we make. Why do we explore the ideas we explore?

All the Sweet Stuff Claudia V. Solorzano

Claudia Solorzano’s All the Sweet Stuff is a ceramic, crochet, and performance installation. The superficial “Candy Heart” becomes a loaded signifier of the dynamics of human relationships.

Posts + Beams Krista Paulsen

Krista Paulsen’s Posts + Beams is all about attention to small details. And Paulsen is paying attention. With loving delicacy, she presents her observations of the architectural details of 8 buildings on the Long Beach State University campus.

Gato Encerrado Cintia Alejandra Segovia

Are you an immigrant? Do you need help assimilating into your new culture? Cintia Segovia’s videos offer helpful instruction and practical tips that will make any immigrant’s transition to life in the United States easier.

Mahsa Soroudi, Nature’s Cadence

Five years ago Tehran-born Mahsa Soroudi married Mohsen Vafa. A week later they left Iran. First a year in Malaysia, and now the last 4 years in the United States. Three-and-a-half of them in Newport Beach, CA: 50 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles, and 7,500 miles west of Tehran.

Aimee Bender & David Wilson

A conversation with author and USC professor Aimee Bender, and Museum of Jurassic Technology director David Wilson. Recorded on 22 May 2006 in the Museum of Jurassic Technology tea room.

Jacqueline Suskin, Poem Store

In a rich and dense LA Art Book Fair, the highlight for me was a small table in the MOCA Geffen bookstore where Jacqueline Suskin wrote poems for visitors.