Tag: Merlino Gallery

All the Sweet Stuff Claudia V. Solorzano

Claudia Solorzano’s All the Sweet Stuff is a ceramic, crochet, and performance installation. The superficial “Candy Heart” becomes a loaded signifier of the dynamics of human relationships.

Posts + Beams Krista Paulsen

Krista Paulsen’s Posts + Beams is all about attention to small details. And Paulsen is paying attention. With loving delicacy, she presents her observations of the architectural details of 8 buildings on the Long Beach State University campus.

Gato Encerrado Cintia Alejandra Segovia

Are you an immigrant? Do you need help assimilating into your new culture? Cintia Segovia’s videos offer helpful instruction and practical tips that will make any immigrant’s transition to life in the United States easier.