On Mondays & Wednesdays I teach Art at Long Beach State

On Tuesdays & Thursdays I study Photojournalism at Santa Monica College

In addition to shuttling myself between these 2 colleges at different ends of Los Angeles County… I also shuttle this blue notebook with red-edged pages from college to college.
At Long Beach I see a dancer named Kaelie Osorio at the “Umbrella Tables” at the USU.
At Santa Monica I see a dancer named Erik Fine, sometimes at the 3rd floor landing at the top of the CPC stairs.
This is the landing. But not Erik. It’s two of his peers, Marii & Aya

I had an idea.

What if the blue and red notebook that was visiting both campuses anyway, carried little choreographic messages, or ideas, between Kaelie and Erik? Simple things they could try @USU or @CPC?