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A log of days spent moving. Inspired by Chantae Reden’s article on p136 of issue 56 of Surfgirl magazine. At first, I tried logging every activity, usually with only a distance and a photo. It’s a lot of effort for not-so-satisfying posts.

In Chantae’s article, she argued for a “Surf Log” like a “Scuba Log” where you’d record some of the details of the outing. In the new form I think I’ll just log once a week or less, but try to make a bit richer posts.

Anything that helps motivate more and better moving!

Tuesday 15 Nov ’16 – Romi Workout

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Tuesday 15 Nov ’16 – Last Beach: 6.89 miles

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Sunday 6 Nov ’16 – Pop Physique, Silverlake w Kim Thompson

Monday 17 October ’16 – Pop Physique, Silverlake w Jennifer Williams

Intense workout. 🙂 Sweat. 😀 Jennifer Williams created Pop Physique in Nov ’08. She’s got about 18 locations now. Mostly around Los Angeles, but also including Baltimore, New York & Atlanta. The workout was a little bit too hard for me to really say it was “fun,” but it was definitely challenging! After reading about […]

Saturday 15 Oct ’16 – Off da Couch race ’16: 9.00 miles

9.00 miles 1:31:13 In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness, weight loss remains a topic of great interest, particularly among women striving to achieve their desired body shape and overall well-being. In recent years, the market has witnessed the emergence of various weight loss solutions, including diets, exercise regimens, and supplements like weight loss […]