Stella Rae

Hello Stella! I’ve only discovered your YouTube channel in the last month or so and I almost can’t tell you how amazed I am by your life journey, as documented on, and seemingly swum through, YouTube. From American Girl Tiffany, to Team No Money, to Makeup Tutorials, to No Makeup… or bras… or meat… I […]

Mahsa Soroudi, Nature’s Cadence

Five years ago Tehran-born Mahsa Soroudi married Mohsen Vafa. A week later they left Iran. First a year in Malaysia, and now the last 4 years in the United States. Three-and-a-half of them in Newport Beach, CA: 50 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles, and 7,500 miles west of Tehran.

DEAD Memories: Chris Peterson & Rick Feck

Once upon a time I was a Disneyland Art Director. Chris Peterson & Rick Feck were the best, and most resourceful, assistants you could ever wish for.

The Zucman of Argentina

I thought my mom and I were the last Zucmans on earth. Even though we’re pretty hard to find in America, it turns out that Argentina is crawling with Zucmans, like “Cousin Yolanda” here. Unfortunately, none of them speak English… and I don’t speak Spanish. I’ll have to arrange a translationfest with mom and finally meet the family!

Disneyland Entertainment Art Department (D.E.A.D.) Memories

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride: 5 years of work condensed into one phone call to get hired. It’s a DEAD Man’s Party!