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Do you really have to take pix to document everything you do? Haven’t all the pix already been taken? Can’t you just use other peeps pix of your vacation?

Adventures with Rebecca ‘n Kamal

Kamal, Rebecca, and I went on an LA excursion. We visited Griffith Observatory. Hiked in the hills between the Observatory and the Hollywood Sign. Drove Sunset Boulevard from Hollywood till it hit the Pacific Ocean. Walked around the Venice Boardwalk. Had sushi bowls at a trendy place. And attended the 1st Venice Pride festival.

Early in the day at Griffith Observatory, Rebecca and I were at the railing near the James Dean sculpture, as Kamal took a picture of us. I commented to Rebecca that it seemed silly for all 3 of us to be copiously documenting the day since everything we did had already been photographed ad nauseaum by millions before us. I opined that we could just enjoy the day and then later use other people’s photos of our adventure.

This is that.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory
The view from Griffith Observatory!

James Dean sculpture at Griffith Observatory
James Dean sculpture at Griffith Observatory with the Hollywood Sign in the background

Rebecca huggin the James Dean Sculpture
Rebecca hugging the James Dean sculpture

Rebecca pointing at the Hollywood Sign in the distance
Rebecca sitting on the rail at Griffith Observatory and pointing at the Hollywood sign in the distance

Kamal & Rebecca jumping in front of the Hollywood Sign
Kamal & Rebecca jumping for joy at the Griffith Observatory railing with the Hollywood Sign in the background

Berlin Forest sign at Griffith Park
As we started our trail hike we learned that Los Angeles and Berlin are sister cities and there’s a “Berlin Forest” in a clearing on the trail

Mayor of Berlin at Berlin Forest, Griffith Park
Rebecca pretending to be a socialite and Kamal pretending to be the mayor of Berlin at a reception at Berlin Forest in Griffith Park

Griffith Park hiking trail overlooking the Los Angeles basin
Rebecca on the hiking trail overlooking the endless sprawl that is Los Angeles

Kamal & Rebecca on the hiking trail
Kamal ‘n Rebecca on the hiking trail

Griffith Park, Tiffany Overlook
The Tiffany Co installed a cool Hollywood Sign overlook on the Griffith Park hiking trail

Tiffany Overlook selfie
Kamal & Rebecca taking a selfie from the Tiffany Overlook

another Tiffany Overlook selfie
Kamal ‘n Rebecca taking yet another selfie from the Tiffany Overlook

Dante's View
After hiking for a while we came to a spot called Dante’s View. It’s a cool little park on the hillside with seating and spectacular views.

Rebecca & Kamal as Gomez & Bieber
It was the middle of the day and super hot and we were kind of tired by the time we got to Dante’s View. So we decided to rest there for a while and enjoy the view. Here Rebecca & Kamal pretend to be Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber out for a hike in Griffith Park

Griffith Park Tea House
Wait, there’s a Tea House in Griffith Park? We totally missed this! 🙁

Sunset Boulevard

Amoeba Records
After our hike we had a cold drink at Griffith Observatory and then it was time to head over to Venice Beach. We decided to drive Sunset Boulevard all the way from Hollywood to the Pacific Ocean. Here we’re passing by Amoeba Music

Tower Records
Then we passed by the old Tower Records / Sunset building.

Whiskey a Go Go
Then at the Whiskey a Go Go they were having this Doors anniversary thing with lines to get in for blocks! We also passed by all those other music clubs, The Roxy, The Rainbow, etc.

Rebecca asleep
Of course it really didn’t matter where we drove by since Rebecca slept through the whole thing! She passed out as soon as we came down from Griffith Observatory and didn’t wake up till we hit the Pacific Ocean. Rebecca’s body made the whole trip. But her brain, and camera, were a little missing. Lucky us, we have other people’s photos to remind us of what we slept through!

Kamal asleep
And then Kamal fell asleep too! Fortunately, I stayed awake to drive. Otherwise, you know, we wouldn’t be here to show you other people’s photos of our trip.

Gladstones at Sunset Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway
Finally Sunset Boulevard wound its way to the Pacific Ocean. Gladstone’s for Fish was there, and Rebecca and Kamal even woke up! 🙂

Venice Beach

Santa Monica Beach
We drove past all the craziness of Santa Monica Beach

Venice Beach Boardwalk
Then we parked and walked through the even more craziness of the Venice Beach boardwalk

Harry Perry & Kerri Walsh
We walked past Harry Perry & Kerri Walsh shooting a TV commercial promoting California

Jody Maroni's Venice Beach
Except for our Griffith Observatory snack we hadn’t eaten all day, so Kamal treated everyone to hot dogs from Jody Maroni!

Big Daddy Shack, Poke Bowls
Then we walked down the Venice Beach Boardwalk and finally came to Big Daddy Shack, Poke Bowls which Rebecca had been waiting all day to try

throwing the lever to light the Venice sign
After eating we went down to the Venice Pride event. We listened to the DJ for a while, and then we got to see Mike Bonin & Gigi Gorgeous throw a big lever and light the “VENICE” sign up in rainbow colors for the 1st time ever!

Venice sign in rainbow colors
What a great day! The only thing that could have made it better is if we didn’t have to kill so many pixels documenting every moment of the day. Oh, wait, we didn’t! Why? Because other people already took pix of our whole day!

Thank You!