Coffee w the Candidates – Monterey Park District 2 Elections

Hello Neighbor!

I’m Glenn Zucman. I live at 1320 S. Atlantic Blvd. here in Monterey Park.

We are now “District 2”

As you might have heard, beginning with our election on Tuesday, March 3rd, Monterey Park is switching from “at large” voting for City Council, where all residents elect all 5 councilmembers, to “district voting,” where each part of the city elects 1 councilmember. We live in the new “Monterey Park District 2”, and we’ll be electing our first District 2 Councilmember on March 3.

The candidates are:

Coffee with the Candidates

I have reached out to all 4 candidates and invited them to come to the house to speak to the neighborhood. All 4 have expressed interest in visiting our neighborhood. So far 2 have picked dates, and 2 have said they will get back to me in the future when they have room on their schedule.

The 2 currently scheduled Candidate Coffee Meetups are:

  • Jennifer Love TangMonday, January 20 @ 6 pm
  • Yvonne YiuTuesday, January 21 @ 6 pm

You are invited to come to the house either or both days to share a cup of coffee (I’m a tea drinker myself!) with the candidates and hear about their ideas for Monterey Park and District 2. If either of the other candidates gets back to me with a date, I will let you know when those meetups are scheduled.

portrait of Jennifer Love Tang
Jennifer Love Tang
image of Yvonne Yiu speaking at a podium
Yvonne Yiu
map showing Monterey Park's 5 City Council districts
Monterey Park City Council Districts