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Observations on technology and its effects on humankind & reality.

iPhone8 vs Nikon D750

The Hype I’ve heard for years that the iPhone has a “great” camera. And certainly, all cell phone cameras have gotten better over time. Let’s take a look at how a few different cameras compare: iPhone8 native camera (2017) iPhone8 RAW (Lightroom)(2017) MotoG (2015) Nikon D750 (2014) Nikon D300 (2007) Nikon D70 (2004) I met […]

How to move WordPress sites

After a lot of bad experiences trying to move WordPress sites, I’ve come up with this (slightly counterintuitive) recipe to Move WordPress sites to new homes.

Oops!… I Did It Again

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think I did it again. I made you believe we’re more than just friends. Oh baby, it might seem like a crush, but it doesn’t mean that I’m serious. ‘Cause to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me. Oh baby, baby…

MindMup 2.0 for Google Drive!

I’ve been using an awesome piece of Mind Mapping software, Freemind, for some time now. The only catch is that Freemind is a desktop app.

Code is Poetry. Websites are Paintings. (forking the WordPress footer)

Talk Proposal: WordCamp Los Angeles, 2016 Money Every piece of American money in your pocket, right now, every bill, every coin, has 3 words on it. Do you know what those 3 words are? Do you know what they mean? Every page of the massive website carries 3 words as its footer. Do you […]

How I walked into the Microsoft Store to buy an MS Surface for WordPress & walked out of the Apple Store with a MacBook for Ghost

I tried to buy an MS Surface for WordPress at the Microsoft Store at South Coast Plaza, but somehow bought a Macbook for Ghost at the Apple Store!

Of fake candles & uncanny valleys

Electronic candles are like the polyester leisure suits of our age. Liars. LEDs are like the vinyl miniskirts of our age. Celebrations of new materials.