SA44 Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp

SA44 Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp

Video frame of Monica Lewinsky raising her hand to be sworn in for testimony. The frame has the date 02-01-99 burned into it.
Monica Lewinsky. Image: ABC News.

Wedding Bell Blues

For those old enough to remember, about 20 years ago the guy who’s married to the person who might very well be the next American President had an affair with a White House intern. The Intern had a friend, a zealous Republican, who secretly taped conversations with The Intern in hopes of taking down The President. If you’re old enough, you remember all that. But you probably only remember something about the tapes being salacious.

Monica & Linda

Events eventually made their friendship impossible and ended it forever. But for a time, they really were friends. Two women who worried about weight, tried to get to the gym, split cheeseburgers. We forget that part. Or never really appreciated it. Thanks to the voice acting of Melissa Lawson and Kara Revel we can now relive those quaint old last days of the 20th century when America cared more about destroying people via personal life than it did about governing a nation or being a good global citizen. From the luxury of our more civilized 21st century, here’s a memory of the last:

Strange Angels, Episode #44 Another Monica,

1 May ’04
TRT: 53:07

Melissa Lawson as Monica Lewinsky
Kara Revel as Linda Tripp

-1- Jane Doe #6, 1:51, Download

-2- K-Mart Hooker, 10:31, Download

-3- Dear Mr. P., 1:42, Download

-4- Radio Address, 5:45, Download

-5- Email, 1:11, Download

-6- His Definition, 2:00, Download

-7- Vernon Jordan, 1:02, Download

-8- “Leaves of Grass”, 7:46, Download

-9- Voice Mail, 3:01, Download

-10- Over Forever, 15:34, Download

-11- Wedding Bell Blues, 2:44

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