Zoom Export Settings

Jackie Sedley and I have launched The Pandemic Podcast for The Corsair at Santa Monica College. We tried a gaggle of Internet audio recording tools like Double-Enders, ISDN services, and so on. We finally gave up on being audio snobs and admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic is a Zoom moment. We now record Audio+Video with Zoom. We edit in Adobe Premiere and then upload Audio to SoundCloud and Video to YouTube.

Here are our current Premiere export settings:

screen cap of Adobe Premiere showing the Media Export option on the File menu.
When you’re done editing:
File > Export > Media
Adobe Premiere screen cap showing export settings for audio
The 2 things to set for Audio Export are:
Format: Waveform Audio
Preset: WAV 48 kHz 16-bit
Adobe Premiere screen cap showing video export settings.
The 2 things to set for Video Export are:
Format: H.264
Preset: YouTube 1080p Full HD

That’s it!

Happy uploading!

The Pandemic Podcast on SoundCloud
The Pandemic Podcast on YouTube