a collage of drawings, photographs, graphic resumes, metalworks and other materials from student artists working on eportfolio websites

Week 6 Update

Hello, everyone!

Points on BeachBoard

  • Monday Class: Today, Sunday 30 Sep, I’ve posted points for Attendance, Online Critiques & Medium Posts on BeachBoard. Be sure to take a look and see where you stand.
  • Wednesday Class: I will do the same for you by Tuesday, 2 Oct, afternoon.

Phase II

By the end of this week we will have spent:

  • 2 weeks on Goals & Viewer Profiles
  • 2 weeks on Photography (Work + Self)
  • 2 weeks on Writing (Work + Self)

Our next 2 activities will be to

  1. Stage your work in Dropbox (or OneDrive, iCloud, GoogleDocs, etc)
  2. Create your website

Websites Due 21 October

  • The 1st draft of your website is due by 11:59 pm on Sunday night, 21 October 2018.
  • Worth 50 points
  • No points for late submissions

I will put out a schedule of F2F & Online Critiques that begin on 22 October. We cannot critique websites that do not exist. If you miss your slot you won’t get feedback and you won’t get credit.

Definition of 1st Draft

  • Post your Website URL on our Class Page
  • Organize & Post as much of the Photography and Writing you’ve created in the 1st half of the class as possible:
  1. Photos of your work
  2. Photos of yourself
  3. Writing about your work
  4. Writing about yourself
  5. In addition to Category pages like Illustration, Animation, and so on, include About Me & Contact pages

Late Work

  • Please do not be late posting your website URL!
  • If you’ve missed any of the content posts on Medium, yes, you can still do them. The deadline for making any of that work up is the same as the due date for your 1st draft website, Sunday night, 21 October 2018 at 11:59 pm. When you make any late Medium posts, just email me with your URL and tell me which items you’ve posted.

Polish your Website till it Glows! 😀

From there we’ll be critiquing and refining as much as possible. Do your best not to settle for a 2nd draft at the end of the semester. Take action on the feedback you receive in the crits and work toward a compelling website that persuasively presents your work. Try to have a “4th draft” by the Final. You don’t have to number your drafts, but do spend time each week taking your site to the next level.


Need help with anything?

  • Leave a comment below
  • Email me: glenn.zucman@csulb.edu
  • Come to Office Hours: M+W 1:30 – 2:30 @ Umbrella Tables outside Robeks / Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the USU. Or by appointment.

Free Portrait Day

Need a headshot for your website? Or for anything else? I’m hosting Free Portrait Day at my studio on Saturday 6 Oct. You’re welcome to come by and get photos.

a collage of drawings, photographs, graphic resumes, metalworks and other materials from student artists working on eportfolio websites
Montage of materials from Jeff Frame, Alexa Ellis, Alex Wu, Stephanie Urness, Madison Olson & Jena Liebscher

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