Website Tutorials


YouTube is a giant ocean of tutorial videos! Here are a few samples for creating your portfolio. There are many more. If you want to do a specific thing, try typing YouTube searches like “Squarespace Center Image” or whatever you’d like to do.


Redoing My Entire Graphic Design Portfolio / Kel Lauren


How To Showcase Your Portfolio With Wix / Atola Visuals

Wix Tutorial 2022(Full Tutorial For Beginners) – Create A Professional Website / Santrel Media

How To Make a WordPress Website – In 24 Easy Steps / Tyler Moore


Figma to Webflow: Introduction (Part 1 of 7) — Webflow University
How I Built my Blog in Webflow / Maddy Beard

Or Anything Else!

The tutorials above are for a few of the most common Art 490 student platform choices.

You can use anything else too! And whatever you want to use, there are tutorials for it. Search on YouTube! 😀

How To Showcase Your Portfolio With Wix – Wix Tutorial – YouTube/Atola Visuals

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