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What Platform?

image: Architectural Digest – Louise Bourgeois, Maman, Bilbao, Spain

Want to know what platforms websites you see are using?


Speed is everything on the web. If someone is highly interested in your work, they might be willing to wait for a slow-loading website. But if they’re scanning many artists, they might just skip slow portfolios.


The fad of dark grey type on a light grey background produces portfolios that are hard to read. Good contrast makes your work easier to read. Good contrast helps even people with good vision. It’s essential for the visually impaired to see your portfolio.


Need a color palette for your website or other projects?

Social Media Tools

Social Media platforms like Instagram and others can help build your career – no doubt about it! They can also be dangerous. Try to build a consistent professional presence. But try not to obsess over follows and likes. Don’t let them stress you out or change your work.

Having said that… in case you’re curious…



image: Public Health

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