Research Part B: 5 Websites in My Field

Website Examples

In Research Part A you identified Key People for your career and wrote a Viewer Profile of one of them. This week your research is to find 5 Websites from artists in your field:

  • 5 Animators
  • 5 Illustrators
  • 5 Game Designers
  • 5 Tattoo Artists
  • 5 Documentary Photographers
  • 5 Experimental Photographers
  • 5 Graphic Designers
  • 5 UI or 5 UX Designers
  • 5 Painters
  • 5 Ceramicists
  • 5 Art Preparators
  • 5 Art Educators
  • etc…

Searching with LinkedIn

In addition to a Search Engine like Google, you might also go to LinkedIn and try your search there. In many cases Google will bring up business listings – could be informative, but not quite what we’re looking for. With LinkedIn you can search for actual people. Then click on the person, click on Contact Info and find a link to their website.

A simple Google search doesn’t always get at what you need. I’ve talked about finding ways to use networked tools like Zoom to develop your career connections. Similarly, finding ways to find things, perhaps substituting a YouTube Search or a LinkedIn search, are all priceless skills to develop for the 21st century – your century!

Not on LinkedIn? You should be! Make an account today!

You’re welcome to connect to me if you like:

Post on Canvas

Post URL’s for your 5 sites on your Canvas. And write at least 1 sentence for each one critiquing it. Talk about what you like and what it teaches you. If you find a site that you don’t like so much, this can also be a great opportunity. Talk about why you think it’s less effective or how it could be more compelling.

If you look at a beautifully tailored suit, or a beautifully edited film, the seams can be so gorgeously invisible that it’s hard to understand just how the tailor or film editor constructed it. When we look at less perfect work it’s easier to see the seams. And seeing the seams can teach us a lot about how to construct a suit, or a film, or an Artist’s Portfolio Website!

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