Fall ’23 – Final

Table of Contents

Special Guests

  1. Luis Alvarado, Principal, Luis Alvarado Design
  2. Jennifer Blazey, Event Manager, The Disneyland Resort
  3. Rosa Trujillo, Assistant Director, LBSU Career Development Center​
  4. Dr. Laurie Gatlin, Director, LBSU School of Art
  5. Dr. Royce Smith, Dean, LBSU College of the Arts
John Wayne Airport, Airport Guide / Luis Alvarado Design
International arts students Beata Gliga (Austria/Poland), Ophelie Rodrigue (Quebec), and Merijein Saperas (Barcelona) discussing studying at Long Beach State with assistant director of the LBSU Career Development Center, Rosa Trujillo.
Sketchbook self-portrait by Dr. Laurie Gatlin
Day 51 of 100 Days of Listening (and Day 2 of life modeling!), Dean Dr. Royce W. Smith’s College of the Arts listening project. Here, visiting Yulia Gasio’s life painting class as their model.

The Final

SOA Portfolios

  1. Ramsha Aftab, Entertainment Graphic Design
  2. Nicole Bogdan, Character Design & Animation
  3. Nadia Campos Lopez
  4. Cole Carozza, Fire Fighting
  5. Selah Copp, Interior Decor
  6. Chloe Derevere, Illustration
  7. Jacqueline Doell, Paper Illustration
  8. Zachary Golanty, Graphic Design
  9. Michael Gonzales
  10. Trinity Juarez
  11. Kevin Nguyen
  12. Yvette Ramirez, Painting + Photography
  13. Jordy Rodriguez, Graphic Design
  14. Ellesia Tran, Illustration
  15. German Vega
  16. Grecia Villegas, Graphic Design

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