It was nice meeting you all this week!

a white board with various art activities listed and a tally count underneath each one
Monday’s Website/Career Goals

2 Posts on Medium

As I mentioned in class, we’ll use Medium.com for the first half of the class. We’ll post all of our Words & Images there. From there we’ll be able to use the Roster Page to see each other’s work and give feedback.

As a hybrid class, we’ll be doing both F2F critiques, and Online critiques.

Each project is due at the start of the week – Sunday night – so that we can have time to discuss it in class.

Except for Week 1, which is due at the end of the week.

Which means that this week we have 2 things to post on Medium.

Week 1 – My Career / Website Goal

You’ve pretty much done this one already. It’s what you shared in class this week. Unless you’ve changed your mind! 🙂 Go ahead and formalize this on your Medium blog.

a white board with various art media and careers listed and a tally count underneath each
Wednesday’s Website/Career Goals

Week 2 – Viewer Profiles

These first 2 activities are our way of using The Wisdom of The Village Idiot. Your Viewer Profile is a sketch – probably in words, but you could also “sketch” with pencil, pen, or other media too – of the person you’d like to connect to.

Full details on the Viewer Profile Activity are on the class website.

Notice the section there about Research. It could be a huge benefit to you to research one or two real people who hold the sorts of roles you’d like to connect to.

Critiquing Your Goals & Viewer Profiles


  1. Post your Medium URL on the Roster page by Sunday night.
  2. Make your Goals blog post on Medium by Sunday night.
  3. Make your Viewer Profile blog post on Medium by Sunday night.

We won’t critique your Goals further, since we already discussed them in class.

For your Viewer Profiles we’ll do both F2F and Online critiques. We’ll discuss as many of them in class as time permits.

students in the FA4-108A classroom/conference room at Long Beach State University
Monday Class. This is an example of why you should pay attention to what shutter speed your camera is using. How do you like my creative use of motion!?

Online Critiques

For the 1st half of the semester, here’s how we’ll do our critiques of content on Medium.

  • Please visit the Roster Page and use the links to look at 3 classmate works. Leave a thoughtful comment right there on Medium. Try to let them know what you think is working, and where you think they could be clearer, or stronger.
  • Please be sure to look at different classmates each week! Please don’t comment on the same people repeatedly – share the love! You can comment on classmates from either section. A combination of both would be great.
  • If you visit someone’s Medium and they already have a number of comments, try looking at other classmates. Let’s try to be sure one person doesn’t get a ton of feedback and someone else get none.
  • After you’ve made your 3 comments, please send me an email: glenn.zucman@csulb.edu and say “Hi, I made my 3 comments for Week 2”, and I’ll give you your points for that week on BeachBoard.

Week 2 Special 4 Monday

Monday is Labor Day and there is no class. So for week 2 only, if Monday students could leave comments on 5 classmates instead of the normal 3, that will cover our lost F2F time.

students in a conference room
Wednesday Class


I think our hybrid format of F2F + Online will be pretty easy to use once we get going. But it might be a bit confusing at first. Definitely give me a shout out of you have any questions about anything, need any help with anything, etc.

You can leave any questions right here in the comment box on the bottom of this page. Or you can email me.

Help Me Help You

In the immortal words of Jerry Maguire,

Help me help you

I really want this class to be a vehicle to help you achieve your goals. Let’s make clear, concise, and compelling websites that speak effectively to the people you want to reach.

Give a shout any time you need help, if you want to talk about anything that isn’t on our agenda, or of there’s any other way to help you achieve your goals.

poster stating "Sell Your Art" and inviting artists to submit their work for exhibition and sale at the Long Beach State University Art Store
You probably saw this poster on the Art Store window. Some of you might like to check it out!

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