Spring ’24 – Final

Special Guests

We’re lucky to have some special guests joining us for our final critique:

  1. Carla Dauden, Film + Commercial Director
  2. Stanley A. Meyer, Stage Design
  3. Sophie Cheung, Art Direction
  4. Sean DuFrene, Photographer
Carla Dauden, Film + Commercial Director
Stanley A. Meyer, Stage Design
Sophie Cheung, Art Direction
Sean DuFrene, Photography

The Final

  • Section 1 Final — Friday 17 May 2024
  • 12:30 – 2:30 pm PST
  • zoom:
  • password: soa
  • Section 4 — if possible, please join us at the S1 final where we will have a big conversation with our guests.

Zoom Potluck

Do feel free to bring food and drink to our “Zoom Potluck” final! I hope you’ll turn your cameras on! It’s so much easier to talk to human faces than black rectangles. Please don’t let a messy room, bad hair, or eating lunch keep you from turning your camera on. Bring some fun food or drink “to share” with the class!


Congratulations on finishing your art degree at Long Beach State! This is a true life milestone. Each of you will now move on to walk a different path. There will be challenges and work to do. But be sure to take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved. You’ve accomplished something that many Americans, and people around the world, have not. Have a party! Celebrate with family and friends. Or go for a walk in nature. Finals, the holidays, and your career will all exert their pressure on you. But don’t let them squeeze out the time to appreciate the big chapter of life you are completing.

Big Finish

We know that the pressure of your last semester can be intense. Heavy loads. Too many units. So much rushing at the end to finish projects and classes. So many things to juggle. And then all this Art 490 career talk. It can be overwhelming.

Try not to clump things together into a big insurmountable mountain. Instead, break things into small units. Organize your career plans in small, achievable tasks. Do your best. Persevere! You can do it!

The Next Chapter

In the book of life we turn the last page of one chapter and find ourselves on the first page of a new chapter. We’re excited for you as you embark on your career journey. You might wind up on a non-art path and that’s fine. My hope for you is that whatever path you follow it will be a path of your choice. We hope that “imposter complex”, feelings of insecurity, or of not knowing how to network your way into new career circles, won’t hold you back from trying.

The last time Glenn had a non-art job was his sophomore year in college. Since then he’s developed multiple art careers. He’s been a set designer, graphic designer, and a gallery artist. Plenty of artists have done a better job than him! But he still managed to spend a life in art, media, and communication. If you want to, we believe that you can too.

Keep updating your portfolio. Get into the world. Go to conferences, art events, and art galleries. Meet people. Sometimes people who seem promising end up not able to help your career. And people who don’t look to be helpful or interested in your work can, over the longer term, come around and work with you. Connect as much as possible and think in the long term.

Good luck!

~ Glenn and Emma

SOA Portfolios

Coming in May!

Section 1

  1. Josue Bonaparte
  2. Anthony Cornejo
  3. Ian Espinoza
  4. Quinn Garity
  5. Kiana Lange
  6. Shayna Lerner
  7. Juan Mendoza
  8. Diana Moreno
  9. Enrique Ramirez
  10. Alexa Saavedra
  11. Noah Sheckman
  12. Jose Soto
  13. Amanda Stanaland
  14. Michael Toombs
  15. Leah Wedman
  16. Kalani Wilkins

Section 4

  1. Fiona Brunetto
  2. Kamilah Cadena
  3. Jocelyn Carranza
  4. Emma Ethington
  5. Richard Fewell
  6. Swadhriti Ghosh
  7. Yuna Honda
  8. Angela Mejia
  9. Destini Montgomery
  10. De’acko Oliver
  11. Katalina Phosithong
  12. Jimmy Ruiz
  13. Madeline Sheldon
  14. My Tran
  15. Olivia Wells


Happy Trails

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