Spring ’24 – Meetups

Pick a day and time for your 1-to-1 Zoom meetups with Glenn. 

24 Hours Notice, please! 🙂

When you book your time slot, please make it at least 24 hours in the future. If you book less, I might not get notice to meet with you in time!

NO No-Shows!!!

  1. If you book a time slot and can’t make it YOU HAVE TO LMK!!! Do not make me drive across town to be there for you and then stare at nothing for half hour!!! DON’T DO IT!!!
  2. Give me a minimum of 24 hours notice if you can’t make it. 48 would be better:

Be Professional

If you had an appointment to:

  1. Meet with the curator at an Art Gallery you’re hoping to show your work at
  2. Meet with the HR Director at the Animation Studio you hope to work at
  3. Meet with the Creative Director at the Advertising Agency you’d like to work at
  4. Meet with the Art Buyer at the Book Publisher you’d like Illustration Commissions from
  5. Meet with a potential Client for a Photography Project
  6. Meet with Glenn to discuss your Career & Portfolio

Would you:

  1. Just not show up and leave the person hanging with no notice?
  2. Walk around the LBSU Campus talking to them on your phone?
  3. Have a crummy wifi connection?
  4. Have your camera off?
  5. Be in a noisy place where you can barely be heard?

Practice now to be professional about your Zoom & F2F meetings.

  1. Show up on time! Take your commitments seriously
  2. Use a hardline ethernet cable whenever possible
  3. Or get as close to the WiFi as possible
  4. Have the best background you’re able to
  5. Get some light on your face
  6. Talk from a quiet place if you can

Zoom Room

  1. Meet here:
  2. Password: soa

Meeting Preparation

  1. If at all possible, try to use a Laptop or Desktop and not a Phone or Tablet. This isn’t a big class meeting, it’s a 1-to-1 conversation about your individual career path. Try to have the best connection, video, and sound possible.
  2. Be as close to your WiFi as possible.
  3. If your home WiFi sucks, maybe go to Campus, Starbucks, etc.
  4. Have things ready to show: The URL of your Portfolio, other relevant URLs, any physical work you want to hold up for the camera, and so on.
  5. Camera on!

Meetup Schedule

Nick Cave, Augment, in the process of installation at the Cyclorama. (Robin Lubbock/WBUR)

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