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We’ve got a lot to do this semester! How are you going to do everything you can to build the career you want? How are you going to get past all your commitments & distractions to put the time in on a great portfolio? With a little nudge from your Accountability Partners, of course!

Tips 4 Success

Here’s a few tips from Clara Capano/Forbes

  • Give your Accountability Partner (AP) permission to push you
  • Map out specific goals and deadlines
  • Schedule regular contact sessions with your AP


My friend Bobby is living his dream as a pilot for United Airlines today. When we were in college together in Hawaii, Bobby started taking flying lessons. He had all these cool air navigation maps of the islands. And all these basic rules. The one I remember so dramatically is “confess”. What do you do if something goes wrong? If you make a mistake, do something dumb, or fly into a restricted zone? Now is not the time to hold information back. Tell your flight controller everything!

The same goes for your Accountability Partner. They can’t help you if you don’t tell them everything. Be clear about your goals. You don’t have to have goals that your Partner or Glenn might approve of or be impressed by. It’s your career! Your goals are your own. Be honest and clear with your AP about what you want to achieve. Be as specific as possible. Don’t be unrealistic and set yourself up for failure. Don’t be lazy and set yourself up for low achievement.


Cheerleader & Drill Sergeant

As an Accountability Partner you should give your partner(s) lots of encouragement. We all want this.

But you should also push them when they don’t meet the goals they set.

Having the right partner on a weight loss journey can make a huge difference in achieving your goals. A good partner will provide motivation, accountability, and support during challenging times. They can help you stay committed to healthy habits and provide new ideas for healthy meals and activities, they can also help you to try new things such as supplements like ice hack weight loss pills, to complement your weight loss routine.

Sure there are good reasons we don’t accomplish as much as we want. Maybe you wanted to do 10 pieces but your health issues flared up and doing 2 was a struggle. Don’t be down on yourself. Be realistic. If your health, or any other life issues & circumstances mean that acheiving something is going to take 10 weeks instead of 1, or 5 years instead of 2, so be it. Set realistic goals and do your best to meet them.

image: Rachel Sparks/Teachers Pay Teachers

Picking Accountability Partners

There are 2 ways to meet your classmates:

  • Cruise by the class Padlet and check out their work
  • Introduce yourself on our Monday group Zoom meetups

Be sure to make a Free Padlet account so when you leave a comment on your classmates’ post it will be by You and not from Anonymous!

Hit up anyone to be your Accountability Partner by

  1. Leave a comment on their Padlet Post, or
  2. Chat with them on the Monday Zoom by Voice or Zoom IM, or
  3. Go to BeachBoard > Classlist and email them, or
  4. Post your Instagram on Padlet so classmates can IG DM you

  • Find 2 Accountability Partners in the class. 3 is also OK.
  • 1st set of Accountability Partners for Weeks 0-8
  • New set for weeks 9-16

Schedule It

Schedule your contacts with your AP. I suggest 3 contacts per week. 2 by text & 1 on Zoom. Whatever you setup, make it regular so you can use your contact as extra motivation to accomplish your goals.

Let them know what you want to accomplish and when. The weekly class schedule is a good guide, if you’re planning to do the class activities. And for making New Personal Work, share the schedule of projects you put on your Etherpad.


  • Please list the 2 or 3 Accountability Partners you’ve picked on your Etherpad
  • You can also share your Etherpad with your APs so they can see your Course Activities & New Work
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