Art 490: Artists' Portfolio Websites

School of Art, Long Beach State University
Art 490: Artists' Portfolio Websites


Before creating an effective website, you need to define the goals you want it to help you achieve. Write a Viewer Profile of the visitors you’d like to communicate with.


With your goals and viewer in mind, create Photography and Writing about Yourself and Your Work that make a compelling case for your value to the gallery, studio, collector, or client.


With feedback from in-class & online critiques, refine your website. Don’t settle for a 1st draft site. Like any art project, the last 15% of finish work makes a world of difference.


Help with writing about yourself and your work.
About Your Work
Writing descriptions of your work. Process descriptions. Category/Archive descriptions.
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Goals (Tag Lines & Menus)
Choosing your Career Goals, and therefore Website Goals, can be hard. Let's use Website Tag Lines & Menus as a powerful way to immediately inform visitors about the work you do. Make sure they're clear and specific.
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Artist’s Statement / About Page
The Artist's Statement that you show with your work in an RL gallery is a close cousin to the About page on your website/ePortfolio. Both are a chance to contextualize the work you're showing and help viewers understand your ideas and process.
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Viewer Profiles & Site Experience
What makes a good portfolio website? Let's write a viewer profile to help you sketch out the visitor experience of your website.
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Help with photographing yourself and your work.
Photographing Yourself
Creating Headshots and Environmental Portraits to use on your Portfolio Website
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Getting Pix of your Show from the SOA
When you exhibit in the CSULB School of Art Galleries, the SOA Visual Resources Coordinator, Jeff Ryan, will photograph your show for the SOA website. If you'd like to get copies of Jeff's pix, here's how to do it.
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Documenting 2D Artwork
Documenting your artwork is an important task when creating a portfolio. These documents are representing you as an artist. They should be presented in a professional manner and reflect the true state of your projects.
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