Press Release

If you’re exhibiting work, you should write a press release and get the word out.

  • On Campus — for an on-campus exhibition you can send your press release to the Daily 49er, the School of Art, and the College of the Arts.
  • Off Campus — out in the world you can send your press release to news publications, art publications, culture websites, and so on.


One page of news. 200-500 words.


Send out two weeks before your opening or event.

The 5 W’s

Get the 5 W’s in right at the top!

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • & How

Proofread & Revise

Do not send out a first draft of anything! Proofread! Ask a friend to read it carefully. Triple-check dates, times, addresses, URLs. Check spelling & punctuation. Make sure everything needed to attend the event, or learn about the work and the artist, is readily available.


  1. Headline
  2. Date
  3. Contact Info
  4. Summary
  5. Intro paragraph
  6. Detail paragraphs
  7. About
  8. ###

Sample Artist’s Press Release

What if a 68-year-old man tried to be a young, female fashion model?

California artist reperforms fashion magazine covers in a new series of provocative diptychs

Miley Cyrus photographed by Theo Wenner for Rolling Stone. Glenn Zucman photographed by Vello Wireless Shutterboss.

For Immediate Release

CHINATOWN, LOS ANGELES — Gallery Xue is proud to present a new series of fashion reperformance diptychs by intermedia artist Glenn Zucman. The exhibition features 16 new 40″ x 60″ photo diptychs, each in a limited edition of 10. Join us for the opening cocktail reception from 6-9 p.m. on Jan. 1. The exhibit continues through March 31. Gallery Xue is located at 123 Chung King Road, Chinatown, in Downtown Los Angeles.

Glenn Zucman’s pandemic-era series of diptychs problematizes our cultural frenemy relationship with Western fashion iconography and heteronormative gender roles.

From Kim Kardsahian on the cover of Vogue, Taylor Swift on the cover of Rolling Stone, and Kate Upton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, to less famous models on the covers of vintage issues of Playboy magazine, Zucman’s improbable body invites us to again consider the visual norms we daily inject into our cultural consciousness.

“When the American edition of the COVID-19 pandemic started I had to put all my current projects on the shelf. In her later years, my mom took to subscribing to many, seemingly random, magazine titles. Including a number of fashion magazines. On mom’s dining room table would be all these fashion images. In lockdown, with nothing to point my camera at, I wondered what would happen if I pointed the camera at myself? If I tried to reperform these fashion images. If my old and not-so-flexible body tried to pose in the effortless twists and turns of a fashion model. The results turned out to be a little weird, and surprisingly intriguing” Zucman said of the diptychs in this new exhibition.

Sandra Josefski photographed by unknown for Playboy Magazine, September 1972. Glenn Zucman photographed by Sony Alpha RMT-P1BT.

Xue Faith, Curator
Artist’s Portfolio: glenn.zucman.com

Since 2012 Gallery Xue has organized performance art, public art, and other forms of installation at galleries in Taipei, London, and Los Angeles.


Galleries & Museums

The press releases below are multi-page releases by major institutions about major exhibitions. Most of us will want to keep it to a 1-page release.

image: Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art

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