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are not just for peeps doing eCommerce. They’re for everyone! You should collect email addresses every chance you get! Gallery artist? Animator? Graphic Designer? Whatever you’re doing, connecting to the public is huge. It’s what we do with platforms like IG, but your own mailing list is so important!!!

“Push” and “Pull” content

PULL – is me going to your website and Pulling content. This is great, but it’s a busy world and even if I love your work and have bought from you before, it’s hard to remember to go visit your site every few weeks.

PUSH – is you sending me something, like an email newsletter once a month or so. This is priceless because it reminds anyone interested in your work to check out what you’ve been up to.

Email Lists

How do you create and manage an email list? You use a service like MailChimp or one of its competitors. MC, and probably the others, have “freemium” plans. For most small-timers like us, the free version is all you’ll ever need. The upscale paid version is really only necessary for larger company operations.

So, run to MailChimp (or any of the alternatives) and get started today!

The free plan works for me! Woo!
image of mailchimp on a cell phone

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