photo of artist Sheila San Agustin presenting design concepts

About Your Work

Category Descriptions

Your Portfolio/Website Menu will lead to 3-or-so Category Pages.

For an Animator it might be:

  • Furniture Design
  • Storyboards
  • Character Design

For a Graphic Designer it might be:

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Posters

For a Performance Artist it might be:

  • Performance Art
  • Site Specific Pieces
  • Gallery Work

and so on.

Each of these Category Pages should have a paragraph at the top providing context for what we will see on this page.

If it’s Animation Storyboards talk about how you approach creating storyboards. Describe your process and ideas. Give your viewer help in understanding you and how you work.

A Graphic Designer might describe the research process they use to develop communication pieces that connect to their client’s audience.

For a Performance Artist, you might describe how you develop your pieces and how you approach working with a new site-specific space.

Work Descriptions

On each of your Category Pages will be a series of works. No image should float alone. You should always have at least a brief caption explaining what your visitor is looking at and why you made the choices you made. What were you trying to communicate to who?


Post your text for Category Pages & Work Descriptions to Canvas. Soon you’ll be using this text on your portfolio website! 😀

photo of artist Sheila San Agustin presenting design concepts
Sheila San Agustin

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