Fall ’22 – Portfolios

Artist’s Portfolio Websites
School of Art, Long Beach State University, Fall 2022

Ariya Tok

Collections Manager

I am currently a Junior Collections Management Technician at LACMA.

Asia Banyaga

Fashion Designer

As a designer, my goal is to create a community within fashion for those of you brave enough to embrace your unique style. I start my design process by conducting research to see what the fashion market currently has and to determine what we need. I make all my designs by focusing on the most innovative ways for fabric to interact with the human form while maintaining a balance of function, aesthetics, and quality.   

Audrey Hart

Art Educator

I strive to help my students develop their creative drive. And the sometimes even tougher project of convincing them that art is a viable career option.

Studying Art can be demanding. Assignments can be valuable, but sometimes unrelated to career goals or developing a professional portfolio. I hit this roadblock myself, and I hope I can help young artists both learn fundamentals and develop their careers.

Claire Pupping

Observational Artist

My work includes painting, drawing, and printmaking. My art practice is heavily observational, often emphasizing the human body. I find something magical about working from observation. I hope you find comfort, a smile, or a laugh in my work. 

David Estrada

Special Events Producer

I love bringing people and production elements together to develop a successful event. As an artist, studio owner, bookings manager, educator, and competitive dancer I’ve refined the many people and production skills necessary to orchestrate projects both large and small.

Eric Dalke

Mixed Media Artist

I combine wood, metal, and illustration into 3D works that celebrate 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s pop culture. These at times are Frankenstein-like assemblages of nostalgic adventures through cartoons, video games, films, and entertainment of the last few decades.

Erica Lim

Graphic Design

My Graphic Design work focuses on packaging, editorial design, brand identity, and illustration.

Erwin Garduno Chavez

Mural Painter

I express myself and my ideas through drawing, designing, and painting.

Jordan Harp

Oil Painter

I paint the human figure and abstracted collages, usually mixing the two. Bold color, and complimentary colors can be found in all of my paintings. I enjoy harmonizing a painting by using at least one color consistently throughout the whole piece. I love the rough and painterly power of working with large brushstrokes. 

I’m segueing into a new body of work focusing on my experience as a woman. Thinking about the ups and downs of recent years. Paintings that are intense. Emotional. Evoking feelings of dread, delight, sorrow, thoughtfulness, and hope. 

Le Nguyen


Loren Kane

Observational Painter

I am a figurative-abstract oil painter. I try to understand life in this world through colorful, large-scale pieces. My work focuses on struggle. My own personal struggles. Our larger, cultural struggles. I’m a bit of an anthropologist and like to work on-site with others, drawing from their process and experiences.

For me, a painting is a journal. I document events and emotions and try to work through them on the canvas. I often write text on my canvas. Usually painting over it. Yet the unseen text has a powerful influence on my creative process. What you don’t see is boldly present in what you do see. Perhaps one day after I’m gone conservators at The Getty Conservation Institute will x-ray my paintings and reveal the text beneath the text.

Serene Rodriguez

Portrait Artist

As a portrait artist, my mission is to capture not only memories but growth as well. Growth in myself as a person, as an artist, and you! My process begins by trying to understand your life and experiences. By learning about your story you and I can select the best media to bring your portrait to life. From there I start with preliminary sketches. With your feedback, we’ll shape the portrait into a final work of art.

Seth Marin


As a photographer, I engage with my clients as if they are the star or the universe. I love helping portray their vision. We live in a polite world where we often don’t risk being real. My process begins by discovering what inspires them. This helps me get into the mood for recording and seeing their vision. I’ve mastered advanced techniques in Adobe Premier for video and Lightroom for photography.

Sydney Hetland

Tattoo Artist

I bring all my experience in illustration, painting, metalwork, and jewelry to my designs as a tattoo artist. There is nothing more personal than putting permanent ink on someone’s body. I strive to understand who my client is and what they want to say with their new tattoo.

Taylor Wilkins

Character Design

My work focuses on Character Design.
Art should explore the fun and wacky possibilities of life.

Thi Trieu

Graphic Design

I continuously adapt and evolve in synchronicity with evolution in the worlds business and design. I love discovering new concepts and styles. In addition to my Graphic Design work, I have created a number of curtain designs for clients.

Glenn Zucman, Instructor

Glenn Zucman
Glenn Zucman, photo by Tamara Williams

Sharing our Stories
My favorite part of the LBSU School of Art is visiting our Art Gallery Courtyard each week. Every week 5 more student artists share their unique lives, experiences, and aesthetics with the campus community.

My one disappointment is that so many of these engaging artists don’t have Portfolio Websites. I’m fortunate this semester to be teaching Art 490, Artists’ Portfolio Websites. If the students have learned half as much as I have this semester, then they have learned a lot.

A portfolio is a never-ending part of an artist’s life journey. I feel privileged to have helped these students launch web portfolios. I am excited to see where the paths of their careers take them in the years and decades to come.

Claire Pupping night sketching in a journal by by the light of her hiking headlamp.

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