Fall ’22 – Meetups

Pick a day and time for your 1-to-1 Zoom meetups with Glenn. 

  1. Please be sure to not book time slots less than 24 hours in advance. If possible, 48 hours is even better. Just like you, I have a busy schedule and it can be hard to make it if you only give me 1/2 day notice. TY! 🙂
  2. If you book a time slot and can’t make it YOU HAVE TO LMK!!! Do not make me drive across town to be there for you and then stare at nothing for half hour!!! DON’T DO IT!!!
  3. Give me a minimum of 24 hours notice if you can’t make it. 48 would be better:
  4. Meet here:
  5. Password: soa

Meetup Schedule


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