Congratulations! You now have an online portfolio of your work! 🙂
Great work!
Go Everyone!

For our final I’d like to celebrate the work you’ve done, and also have one more chance to get some extended feedback from a wider group of voices from the SOA, LBSU, and beyond.


  • Friday 14 Dec ’18
  • 12:30 – 2:30
  • FA4-307
  • Our Websites: Fall18


Should we have a little potluck for the final? Eat some?


Speaking of food… if you’d like to eat twice, I’ll be taking our visiting artist Natalie MacLees to lunch at The Chartroom (in the NW corner of Starbucks (foodcourt Starbucks)) at 11:30 am if you’d like to join us. You can eat or just drop by to say hello. Text me if you can’t find us: 415-203-5571.

photo of user interface designer Natalie MacLees
Natalie MacLees, image: WordCamp Orange County

Visiting Artist: Natalie MacLees

We’ll be joined by Web Developer & UI Designer Natalie MacLees. Natalie will speak to us for a few minutes, and mostly, she’ll be here to join in critiquing some of our websites.

image of Rosa Trujillo
Rosa Trujillo
headshot of photographer Sean DuFrene
Sean DuFrene
photo of Terri Carbaugh
Terri Carbaugh

On-Campus Guests

In addition to Natalie, we’ll have a few members of the LBSU community join us to look at our websites and offer useful feedback.

  1. Rosa Trujillo, Career Counselor, Liaison to the College of the Arts, CSULB Career Development Center
  2. Sean DuFrene, Photographer, Marketing & Communications
  3. Terri Carbaugh, Associate Vice President, Office of Public Affairs

Presenting Artists

We won’t have time to look at all of the sites we’ve created this semester, but we can have good discussions about a few sites, and I’m confident that those discussions will bring up a lot of ideas that will apply to all of your work.

  1. Danica Durant, Fiber Art
  2. Bishop Hardy, Art & Apparel
  3. Adam Sabolick, Painting
  4. Anna Reilly, Illustration/Art Education
  5. Jena Liebscher, Graphic Design & Illustration
mosaic of photos of the students of Art 490, Fall semester, 2018
Art 490: Artist’s Websites, Long Beach State University, College of the Arts, School of Art, Fall Semester, 2018.

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