OC Tarot Meetup: Vernal Equinox

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox is Monday. And so at the OC Tarot Meetup today we each did an Equinox inspired reading.

Yes on Measure H – Vote March 7!

Please vote on March 7th. Measure H is a real chance to address homelessness & mental health in Los Angeles. But it needs a 2/3 Yes vote to pass.

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Tea & Tarot: is “Social Practice” in art “primitive culture”? Remnants of our pre-technological existence? Or dense icons that offer healing and community?

Is God a Lifeguard?

An appreciation of lifeguards, foolish tidepoolers, and the Cassini Mission to Saturn. Cassini is our eyes at Saturn, but what eyes look upon Cassini?