Gato Encerrado Cintia Alejandra Segovia

Are you an immigrant? Do you need help assimilating into your new culture? Cintia Segovia’s videos offer helpful instruction and practical tips that will make any immigrant’s transition to life in the United States easier.

OC Tarot Meetup: Vernal Equinox

The Vernal (Spring) Equinox is Monday. And so at the OC Tarot Meetup today we each did an Equinox inspired reading.

Yes on Measure H – Vote March 7!

Please vote on March 7th. Measure H is a real chance to address homelessness & mental health in Los Angeles. But it needs a 2/3 Yes vote to pass.

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Tea & Tarot: is “Social Practice” in art “primitive culture”? Remnants of our pre-technological existence? Or dense icons that offer healing and community?

MindMup 2.0 for Google Drive!

I’ve been using an awesome piece of Mind Mapping software, Freemind, for some time now. The only catch is that Freemind is a desktop app.

Is God a Lifeguard?

An appreciation of lifeguards, foolish tidepoolers, and the Cassini Mission to Saturn. Cassini is our eyes at Saturn, but what eyes look upon Cassini?