Nikkor 35mm f1.8 @NAC

crew calisthenics

I just bought a new Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.8 G ED lens for my d750 camera. I took it with me down to the Newport Aquatic Center and shot a few frames with it:

Rigging a rowing shell
Lots of rigging!
Erg machines at the Newport Aquatic Center
Lots of erging!
towels on a rack
Lots of towels!
surf skis and outrigger canoes on a large rack
Lots of boats!
the Newport Back Bay
Lots of water!
crew members carrying oars down to the water
Lots of oars!
crew calisthenics
Lots of planking!
Boat house
Boat house
weight room at Newport Aquatic Center in Newport Beach, CA
Weight room
plastic storage tub with Kelly Thompson's name on it
Lots of Kelly?
kayak seat backs
Lots of kayak seat backs!
night at North Star Beach, Newport Beach, CA
Lots of night!
car driving through the Newport Aquatic Center parking lot at night
Pam going home.