Rick Feck

Photo of Rick Feck by Caitlin Alysse

Hey Rick,

Long time no see! About 24 years I think! How’s it going? It was so great to find the Colorado Collective article about Piano Warehouse and all the wonderful work you’re doing there.

Photo of Rick Feck by Caitlin Alysse
Photo by Caitlin Alysse

It reminded me of one day working at The Park so long ago. It wasn’t a big day. It wasn’t a big deal. Or maybe it was. I don’t actually remember what we were working on at all. I just remember that for a few minutes in the middle of a long event day, we sat in the Entertainment Rehearsal Hall and you played the piano. It was a small, quiet moment. It was small, but it was a side of you I didn’t previously know about. Funny that now, 24 years later, that moment points a straighter line to the person you’ve become than all the other crazy antics we had back then.

If everybody played the piano, or some kind of music, the world would be a better place.

— Rick Feck

DEAD Reunion

Did you get Linda Hamm Conte’s email about the DEAD Reunion party? It was last night actually. And of course, you’re in Colorado Springs! I hope you got her message since it’s the same email address I’m sending this letter to! 😛 #metaMeta

Kevin Kidney smiling and showing slides from the old Disneyland Entertainment Art Department days to Denise McLean
Denise checking out some of the cool slides Kevin brought!

In the photo above Denise is checking out some of the big box of pix ‘n stuff that Kevin brought. Behind Kevin is a Polaroid being shown on a big TV set. Linda had a thousand photo slide show going. A few different pix from lots of peeps, and mostly a gigantic batch from Mike Tobias.

Kansas City

That trip that you and I took to Kansas City is a fond memory. You got the hotel room directly over mine, and each morning we had a little balcony-to-balcony “meeting” to figure out what the plan for the day was. I don’t really remember if it was RTNDA or what conference we were working. Maybe that was the time we took that Disneyland Submarine Lagoon Mermaid with us. The one that everybody had to fondle and shake her arms and leave fingerprints on the poor mermaid.

I had a Polaroid of you and I at the convention booth for years, although I can’t find it ATM.

Anyway, just wanted to say “Hi!” I love the video of you and your store. It makes me feel like I’m there hanging out with you. What a cool shop it seems like.

I still think about you and Chris and what amazing guys you were to work with. You both had such playful personas, but you were the most reliable peeps I’ve ever worked with. Thanks for everything Rick!

Glenn Zucman's signature on 14/8/16 on Page 92 of Self Service magazine, Issue #44, Spring/Summer 2016

Tom Butsch, Charlotte Keyes Isaacs, Stuart Bjornlie, Monika Henderson, and Denise McLean standing and chatting in Chris & Linda Hamm Conte's back yard
Tom, Charlotte, Stuart, Monika & Denise, in Linda & Chris’ cool back yard