Spring ’21 – Artist’s Websites

Alejandra Santana

Animation & Graphic Design

As an animator, I like to brainstorm, sketch ideas, storyboard, and then move from this development phase into a production phase. I use Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Autodesk Maya, and Procreate in my work. I focus on creating moods and feelings for my audience. I enjoy working in teams and learning from all stakeholders.

Alvaro Linares

Character Illustration
To create a new, fantasy animal character I start with research on real animals from Central American folklore. I often weave personal experience and social justice issues into the design of characters. The Cuyancuat, for example, is a mythical creature from El Salvador. An animal with a pork head and the body of a snake. I analyze the anatomy of different animals and combine them in new ways to create unique yet plausible creature-characters. These creature designs work in live action film, video games, and animation projects.

My most frequent digital tools are Animatic CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In traditional media I work with oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and soft pastel.

Anastasia Ermolaeva


I am a Ceramics artist and I enjoy focusing on hand building and functional ceramics art. My artistic approach implies different techniques, such as pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building. I am very flexible approaching my clients’ needs and meeting the stylistic requirements of the galleries I exhibit with. I participate in a number of collaborative projects and exhibit my work throughout the world.

Arianna Puente

Product Design

I gather much of my inspiration from nature and beauty, and in turn I hope to bring more into the world by creating designs for others to enjoy. My passion for product design comes from my experience as a meticulous consumer, and seeing the possibility of growth for many companies. Growing the variety of designs in technology made for women is my ambition.

Aubrey Cone

Illustration & Character Design

Hello all! I’m a Digital Illustrator and Character Designer. I’ve collaborated with many clients, including independently female owned businesses, like Sweet Cheeks and Insert Name Here (INH). In addition to digital tools like Procreate, I love working with graphite, ink, and colored pencil.

Blanca Turcios


My ceramic works explore beauty and darkness. This comes from personal narratives that are not fully addressed in the work which brings a sense of mystery to viewers. In new works, I am considering my cultural background and the way it has shaped my experience and views on beauty standards.

Brianna Guerra

Painting, Art Education
I am a first-generation Guatemalan-American artist born in Los Angeles. I work in oil paint and other media. My style tends toward Impressionism, with a focus on color and light.

My goal is to diversify the representation of artists within art education. I teach 11-17-year-old students about contemporary artists of color that are rarely discussed in the public education system. I have taught in schools throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Consuelo Rodriguez

Character Design

I am a visual storyteller. My focus is on Game Art, Animation, Comic Book Art, and Botanical Illustration. I would like to create opportunities for female artists to take leadership roles in exhibitions and books.

Michaila Green

Character Design
My career as a Character Designer began in childhood when I would draw the characters in the cartoons I watched. Today, my Character Design work focuses on original characters drawn from the turbulent experiences of real life. I hope my work inspires people. And makes them laugh! I work in both digital and traditional media.

Sidney Enciso

Character Design

As an Illustrator and Character Designer, I have always loved creating little worlds with little people in them. I give my characters form with a pen and tablet. Heavily inspired by horror and fantasy, I incorporate these elements in my work.

Terren Brooks

Museum Education

When I was younger I always had a focus and desire to create art and express ideas that some would consider abstract or otherworldly. As I’ve progressed through life, I have gained the skills and techniques needed to bring an open mind and imagination to my artwork that allows me to create outside the box. Every creation, whether it’s in paint or sculpture, is attempted as a way to push my skills and knowledge to allow new and unexpected creations to emerge on canvas or 3-dimensional materials.

Valerie Castanon

Painting, Printmaking, Art Education

Art is expression. A vehicle for transmuting the people and experiences of our lives into visual media that can be shared. As an Art Educator I strive to share with students the kinds of powerful art experiences that have guided me since childhood. To empower students to create, connect, and make a world of their own.

Vivian Cao

Figure Drawing

My art is an extension of my personal experiences and the world around me as I see it. I find inspiration everywhere: the human figure, the astonishing events of nature, and beyond. All of it weaves its way through my artist’s brain and finds a place in my work.

Yolanda Granados

Portraiture, Social Documentary, Fashion & Editorial

I have worked in both Photojournalism and Portraiture. While these styles are often separate and distinct, I am drawn to a middle space where both techniques can be applied to document our journeys through life.

Glenn Zucman, Instructor

Glenn Zucman
Glenn Zucman, photo by Tamara Williams

Sharing our Stories
My favorite part of the LBSU School of Art (SOA) is visiting the SOA Art Gallery Courtyard each week. Every week 5 more student artists share their unique lives, experiences, and aesthetics with the campus community.

My one disappointment is that so many of these engaging artists don’t have websites. I’m fortunate this semester to be teaching Art 490, Artists’ Websites. If the students have learned half as much as I have this semester, then they have learned a lot.

A portfolio is a never-ending part of an artist’s life journey. I feel privileged to have helped these students launch web portfolios. I am excited to see where the sinuous paths of their careers take them in the years and decades to come.

Aubrey Cone’s Portfolio/Website

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