Portfolio websites for Art 490 students, Spring Semester 2019. School of Art, College of the Arts, Long Beach State University.

TOC Monday

TOC Wednesday


Adrianna Wong-Pacheco

Alan Zeng

Alexis Munozo

Coby Moore

Dea’ja Caldwell

Denise Gonzalez

Han Vi

Leandra Bonner

Maria Marks

Mauricio Bustamante

Victoria Maldonado


Christina Pinney

Cristian Castro

Diana Shallow

Elijah Yee

Haley Douthit

Hyun A. Bae

Jacquelyn Newton

Max Grasso

Rachel Hydro

Sumin Choi

Wohona Delgadillo


Glenn Zucman (instructor)

Glenn Zucman
Glenn Zucman

Photo by Tamara Williams

Sharing our Stories
My favorite part of the LBSU School of Art (SOA) is visiting the SOA Art Gallery Courtyard each week. Every week 5 more student artists share their unique lives, experiences, and aesthetics with the campus community.

My one disappointment is that so many of these engaging artists don’t have websites. I’m fortunate this semester to be teaching Art 490, Artists’ Websites. If the students have learned half as much as I have this semester, then they have learned a lot.

A portfolio is a never-ending part of an artist’s life journey. I feel privileged to have helped these students launch web portfolios. I am excited to see where the sinuous paths of their careers take them in the years and decades to come.

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A woman dressed for Santacon 2018 rides the Metro Gold line and lectures a young man that he needs to "Call his mother"
“Call your mother!” Santacon 2018, Metro Gold Line

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