WordPress Link Targets


A Link Target (a link) can either open in the Same Tab or in a New Tab.


If you’re a hacker, you wouldn’t make the choice for your users/hacker friends to force Open in New Tab. You’d make a regular link and your smart visitors could either Left-click links to open in the same tab or Right-click links to open them in new tabs. Choice for users, yay!

Many of us are not hackers, and our site visitors might not know or think about wanting a new tab or not. Web surfing can be very stream of consciousness and we often don’t remember where we’ve been. If someone is looking at your artists’ website and follows a link to your Instagram, or one of your Illustrator friends, or to a Client website, they might never come back to your site. By setting your Link Target to New Tab, it means that after some surfing, they’ll still have the option to come back and think about your work some more. It’s a small point, but it could help get you shown in a gallery or hired on a project.


Here’s how you set the Link Target in WordPress.

When you’re writing text, you just highlight the text you want to be the link, click the link icon, and then under the URL box click “open in new tab”.
When inserting images, you click the link icon. This time the open in new tab button is not visible. Just click the down angle symbol on the right, here showing the “Link settings” hint, to bring up the “open in new tab” option.
For your WordPress site menus it’s slightly different. All you have to do is check the “open link in a new tab” box as shown in “1.” above. However that option is not visible by default. To see that option, mouse to the upper right and click on “2.” “Screen Options”. From the new choices revealed, check “3.” “Link Target” which will make the “open link in a new tab” option available for menu items as you see in “1.” above.

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