Amanda Zelaya

Arturo Baez

Bik-yelh Gao

Cristina Herrera

Danielle Downing

Daphne Ingraham

Drew Cameron

Duy Ho

Eric Tamayo

Jaan Singh

Katherine Maldonado

Kristen Ortega

Nadiia Podliesnova

Rachel Finkelstein

Robert Rochford

Ronald Manrique

Y Truong

Glenn Zucman, Instructor

Glenn Zucman
Glenn Zucman, photo by Tamara Williams

Sharing our Stories
My favorite part of the LBSU School of Art (SOA) is visiting the SOA Art Gallery Courtyard each week. Every week 5 more student artists share their unique lives, experiences, and aesthetics with the campus community.

My one disappointment is that so many of these engaging artists don’t have websites. I’m fortunate this semester to be teaching Art 490, Artists’ Websites. If the students have learned half as much as I have this semester, then they have learned a lot.

A portfolio is a never-ending part of an artist’s life journey. I feel privileged to have helped these students launch web portfolios. I am excited to see where the sinuous paths of their careers take them in the years and decades to come.

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One Comment

  1. My goal:
    artist fellowships/residencies/grants

    The Center for Art + Environment (The Center) at the Nevada Museum of Art
    Joshua Tree JTAG Residency
    West Cork Arts Residency (Skibbereen, Co Cork Ireland)

    My Tagline:
    christina birrer fetzer
    art + ecology

    My Menu:
    Home, Site Specific Work, Installation, Art in the Community, About + Contact

    Research regarding a ‘user’ profile:
    Residency Joshua Tree:
    Frederick Fulmer, Director
    Working Artist
    Community-activated (Joshua Tree)
    Applications for following summer due mid January of the year.

    Fellowship The Center for Art + Environment (The Center) at the Nevada Museum of Art:
    By invitation, 2 years.
    (Need to follow up on this).

    West Cork Arts Residency (Skibbereen, Co Cork Ireland)
    By application including proposal- community participation proposal integral (studios open every week to public as well).

    Áras Éanna (Aran Islands)
    Proposal invitation for 2021 to be announced soon


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