Art 490 exhibition at Gallery Xue

Spring ’18 Final

Hi, everyone!

Congratulations on a good semester! For the 3/4 of you who are graduating this week – wow! good luck! For the few of you returning in the fall, good luck to you too!

Alex Vasquez & McKenzie Logan in conversation
Alex Vasquez & Mack

As you know, we had 3 visitors at our final, and in longer crits than we usually do, we managed to look at 3 of your websites. I’m sorry we didn’t get to look at more than 3, but all of you that I spoke to seemed to feel that the feedback applied to your site just as well, so I think it was a good day for everyone. Thanks for bringing all the food in! That definitely made it a bit more fun.


  1. Alex Vasquez – (twitter)
  2. Dr. J – @JRodriguez_PhD (twitter)
  3. Sean DuFrene – (IG)

Sites Critiqued

  1. Julie Pavlacka – Photography –
  2. Amro Emghaoech – Animation –
  3. Lindsey Guest – UX Design –
Sean DuFrene & Adam Levinstein
Sean DuFrene & Adam
Alex Vasquez, McKenzie Logan, Sydnie Ortiz & Jose Rodriguez in conversation in room FA4-307 at the School of Art at Long Beach State University
Alex Vasquez, Mack, Sydnie & Dr. J

Parting Thoughts

It was great meeting all of you, and honestly, I think you all did strong work this semester. The big question that’s been with all semester is

What is the purpose of your website?

Next semester I want to put more focus on answering that question from Day 1.

Have you ever seen this old IBM commercial?

Of course, you are all artists far too good to make spinning logos or flaming logos! And the older guy was talking about business solutions, not art portfolios. But inherent in his point is still a message for us. Yes, aestheticized sites are always good. Yes, we’ve all suffered through ugly, hard-to-navigate sites and hated it. But what really matters is accomplishing a specific goal. For us, that goal is to present our work and make connections. Connections to:

  • Art Galleries
  • Animation Studios
  • Design Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • HR Directors
  • Creative Directors
  • Curators
  • Collectors
  • Photography Clients
  • Design Clients

and so on.

a table filled with business cards and several people looking at them
The day Amro brought his giant collection of Artist’s business cards

I think that joke about the Village Idiot being a Great Marksman that I told too many times is really important for us. When you paint your target (make your website) first, and then shoot your arrow (try to show in a gallery, get hired, etc) it’s really easy for your Arrow & Target to wind up in different places.

When you “shoot first” (choose your communication goals) and then paint your target (build your website) your target will always flow directly to your Arrow/Communication goals. It’s something to keep thinking about and adjusting for many years ahead!

drawing by Jaime Lee: a blue haired character says "Hello! I'm Glenn!" and a red haired character says "Hello! I am Jaime!"

Keep in Touch

If you’d like to keep in touch, IRL, or URL, I’m not hard to find! Of course, there’s Slack! Your account there will stay on. I won’t be deleting anyone. However, I think that now that the semester is over, it will be pretty quiet there. So here are some other ways to stay in contact. A couple of IRL options for those of you returning to campus, and some URL options for everyone.

And, of course, don’t forget that you’ve got lots of contact info for each other on the class page:

Congratulations, Graduates! Congratulations, Everyone! Good luck on the road ahead! Have a great summer! Get some rest. Earn a few dollars. Have some fun.

Glenn Zucman's signature, dated 24 May 2018

Art 490 exhibition at Gallery Xue

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