Fall ’21 – Meetups

Pick a day and time for your 1-to-1 Zoom meetups with Glenn. 

  1. Please be sure to not book time slots less than 24 hours in advance. If possible, 48 hours is even better. Just like you, I have a busy schedule and it can be hard to make it if you only give me 1/2 day notice. TY! 🙂
  2. If you book a time slot and don’t show up, there is no rebooking. I’m happy to offer you all the help I possibly can, but again, my schedule is busy and waiting around on Zoom for no-show students eats up my day. If you book a time slot and need to change it, please email me with a minumum of 24 hours notice. If possible, 48 hours notice would be even better:
  3. Meet here:
  4. Password: soa
Image of a laptop using Zoom
Zoom, zoom!

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