Ditrmaking poster

Saturday February 6th 5-10pm
1255 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Dirtmaking presents varying artistic interpretations of living systems relating the conventions of our wastestream and the ground beneath our feet. Food, drink, and demonstrations meditate on the regenerative possibilities of decomposition and the Life in it.

and contributions from many more!

(text from Ditrmaking poster & HeyEvent.com)

exterior facade of 1255 6th street in Los Angeles

DJ set at Dirtmaking event

DJ using a sample board

fruit & vegetables on a long wooden platform against a wall

Brian Davis juicing - as seen through a grungy window

gallery visitors waiting for juice & conversation

2 people washing Brussels sprouts at a sink

a long, dark hallway with various art installations

a bowl with bubbling liquid surrounded by slumped glass bottles

video projections on intersecting walls

gallery visitors on a sofa

guests talking at an art opening

view down the long, narrow art space at 1255 6th street in Los Angeles

Maccabee Shelley making juice for, and sharing conversation with, an attendee at Dirtmaking

Michael Nannery talking with guests at Dirtmaking

DJ mixing at Dirtmaking

Kiyomi Fukui sharing a "Tea Encounter" with a visitor at Dirtmaking

compost installation at Dirtmaking

installation view at Dirtmaking

installation view at Dirtmaking

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