Spring ’17 Question of the Week

Spring ’17 Question of the Week

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Glenn and students sitting on a sofa in the CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery
What emotion does the color Red bring up for you?

Hi guys!

This is the place to suggest Questions of-the-week for our Classmate Conversations. Just drop your question suggestions as comments here and each week we’ll pick one! It’ll be great if your questions have some Art aspect to them.


    1. In 5 years I hope to have graduated from CSULB and working towards starting my career and becoming financially stable. I also hope I am in the position where I can enjoy life and also give back to my family and make them happy. I know that it is nice to have off-days, but I prefer to constantly be occupied as you will not get lazy and start falling behind in your work ethic.

    2. In 5 years, hopefully I have already a stable, yet enjoyable job from my Computer Engineering degree. Not sure if I would’ve considered taking up a masters program already. I would’ve hoped I traveled a bit more around Asia and some other parts of the world and a good portion of my student debt would be gone.

    1. I am currently undeclared, but I am interested in majoring in Accounting. The reason why I decided to go Accounting is due to my exceptional skills in math and Accounting has classes that are math-specific. Another reason why I decided to major in Accounting is because my Uncle has shown me that he is very successful with an accounting degree.

    2. I’m currently majoring in Computer Engineering because I always had a strong interest in computers since my childhood. Partial another reason is it is another engineering type field, whereas both of my parents are engineers and it is does produce good money. Lastly, I have a habit of wanting to know how things work, so learning how computers work on a low level is fun to me.

  1. I am majoring in nursing and it might sound cheesy but, because I actually do want to help people in times of need. I can’t help but to give a few dollars to any homeless person(s) I see, and helping anyone in a life death situation is even better.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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