Glenn Zucman

Artist, Los Angeles

I teach art at Long Beach State. I talk about art on KBeach radio. I've always been interested in "portraits" and "identity." I've used paintings, interviews, robots and now networked media to explore these themes.

Glenn Online:



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Happy Trails!

The Activities

From your votes, here’s a table of feedback on our 12 Activities this summer. I’ve listed them in the order we did them, and then given the total number of votes (+ & -) the number of UpVotes, the number of DownVotes, and then the “Total” (+ – -)

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Love & Hate

As you can see, one person’s most favorite activity was another person’s least favoriteactivi…

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Fall 14 Materials

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

1. Website & URL – Optional (+30 EC)


We’re making Websites or ePortfolios on WordPress powers 22% of the web these days. It started as blogging software, and while it’s still great at that, it’s become a “CMS” or Content Management System. It’s a handy place to “turn in” your Art110 Activities, but in the long-run, even more importantly it can be Your Website!It can be a great…

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Online Discussion Groups

This week the students of Summer Art 110 gave me a lot of valuable feedback on our discussion groups. The Summer Introduction to the Visual Arts course is a 100% online course from the CSULB School of Art. Students were all over the map on whether they “liked” the discussions or not, but one thing they were nearly unanimous on is that they preferred Text Chat over Video Chat!


screen cap of WhatsApp appThis…

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Fall 14 Syllabus

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

Art 110: Introduction to the Visual Arts Fall 2014

■ Section 2: Class No.5004 – F2F Course
Instructor: Glenn Zucman
• Office Hours: TuTh 12:15 – 12:45 in the School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard & by appointment

• Tuesdays: UT-108
• Thursdays: CSULB School of Art Galleries

In 1439 Johannes Gutenberg invented the…

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Wk 12: Teach One!

Wk 12: Teach One!

Activity 12: Teach One!

We’ve reached the end of, I hope, a great summer! One more thing to do before we go: teach something about art to someone else! Full details on the Teach One page.

No Late Work

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no late work for Week 12! Unlike past weeks where you can turn work in up to a week late for partial credit, after this coming Sunday night at 11:59pm I won’t be able to…

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Fenn Kayaks

Keith Fenn

From the South African town of East London, Keith Fenn has built one of the world’s great surf ski design & manufacturing facilities. Fenn builds about 1,500 boats a year & on Saturday I had the chance to try 2 of them.

Fenn Swordfish photo of DeAnne Hemmens paddling a Fenn Swordfish from the Fenn Kayaks website

Fenn Swordfish, DeAnne Hemmens, USA Championships, 2011

Dennis Baker put a note on the Newport Aquatic Center(NAC) bulletin board that he’s selling his…

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Landscapes with a Corpse

Landscapes with a Corpse

Shared Culture

Before diving in to your Landscapes, you also had great discussions about the ideas of Free Culture & Intellectual Property. You expressed a wide range of opinions on the topics. Here’s a couple of videos to help you think about the possibilities. The first fits in the zone of “Remix Culture” even though it’s not actually a Remix but a Lip Dub:


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Wk 11: Your Turn!

Wk 11: Your Turn!

Activity 11: Your Turn!

OMG, just 2 weeks left! We started this course 10 fast weeks ago looking at The Broken Man in the Lascaux caves in Southern France. We said that The Broken Man had been on a vision quest and died to his initial mortal existence to returned as a Shaman for his people.

Detail of The Broken Man in The Shaft at The Lascaux Cave in Southern France. image is a stick like drawing of a "broken man" so referred to because he seems to have a broken neck, and "man" because he has an erection which is consistent with a broken neck. Nearby is a bird totem and while the man's body seems human, he has a bird head and instead of hands, talons.

Broken Man, Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago


You too have been on a sort of Art & Contemporary Culture…

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Your CFID Activities

Identity Art

In a way we’ve said a lot about Identity this summer: The photographs of Francesca Woodman, the photographs of Nikki S. Lee, this CFID project, the Landscapes with a Corpse project. But what we haven’t had a chance to do is look at the nearly 50 years of compelling contemporary art exploring Identity. Identity Art has been a place where oppressed and marginalized people have found a…

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Wk 10: Portrait Photography

Wk 10: Portrait Photography

Landscapes with a Corpse

Image from Izima Kaoru's "Landscapes with a Corpse" photographic Memento Mori series

Landscapes with a Corpse, Izima Kaoru.
Koike Kiko wears Gianni Versace, 2004.


In Week 6 we tried Social Photography with our Instagram project. Some of our photos were great, but the overall aim wasn’t about traditionally compelling photography, rather it was a collection of photos that might say something about our relationships to our lives and to each other.

Last week…

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Hacking the Kayak

A surf ski is a high-performance hack of the ages old kayak. I’m pretty sure the most amazing thing I’ll ever see a surf ski do is this video of US Olympian Rich Sprout crossing a large breaker at The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA.

I was talking about the Rich Sprout video with Riley at the Newport Aquatic Centeryesterday. He was also…

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## Emoj li the Emoji only social net…

## Emoj li the Emoji only social net…, the Emoji only social net

Now we know what you’re thinking: ‘this is satire, no one would actually make this thing’ – it’s not. And, we have.

Facebook is, and will probably remain for some time, the largest organism, the most populated communication thing (other than The Net itself) in the history of life on earth.


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