Letters 2 Sky.net

Letters to our future Artificial Intelligence overlords explaining why humankind is a thing of value & beauty worth saving. A collaborative project with Irene Prokopets.

Janus Drawing Portfolio

For “Pissed Off” at Tom of Finland Foundation, I made a series of automatic drawing diptychs with artists & guests at the event. For each drawing we meditated either on “Anger & Frustration” or “Joy & Human Fulfillment”.

Shame Wrapped in Repulsion

Inspired by Burger King’s food mashup “Mac ‘n Cheetos”, Alyssa Arney and I curated an exhibition focusing on shame, repulsion, and capitalist over-consumption run amok.

Philosophy in the Bedroom

For my portion of Philosophy in the Bedroom with Sheree Rose, Rhiannon Aarons and Martin O’Brien, I brought 4,000, 1-inch-diameter, orange, cheese balls and performed a monologue about the perils of green food.


When I arrived at his house in Three Rivers, CA, Mike gave me a stack of used Chop Saw Wheels and invited me to make something.

Compass H2O

Teammates Samy Kamkar, Natalia Fedner, Sharon Gong, David Wang, Joseph Kan, Susan Zhang, Vivia Liu and I explored the new space of Ephemeral Wayfinding and created the product Compass H2O. Project Website: Compass H2O Presentation Slides: