Glenn Zucman

Artist, Los Angeles

I teach art at Long Beach State. I talk about art on KBeach radio. I've always been interested in "portraits" and "identity." I've used paintings, interviews, robots and now networked media to explore these themes.

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Week 9: Video

Hi guys, I want to remind you to be sure to use the Artist Tag on your post each week. That tag is the ONLY WAY we can really say “thank you” to your peers, the CSULB Student Artists who came in early to open just for us, and also for their months of work preparing their exhibition. A LOT of you are missing Artist Tags and it’s really not fair to the artists.

This week we had 3 shows.…

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Wk8: ePortfolio

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014


Yes, it’s that week I’ve been going on about since day 1. It’s time to make “our” websites really OURS! Details on the ePortfolio Activity Page!


We’ve got 7 weeks up on BeachBoard now and the total possible is 406. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level:

A pace = 365 points – 105 peeps
B pace = 324 points – 15 peeps
C pace = 283 points – 7…

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Wk7: Painting

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

Painting Week!

Yes, it’s Painting Week in Art110! Read all about it where? On the Painting Activity page of course!


With 6 weeks up on BeachBoard the total possible is now 348 points. Here’s how many points you should have to be on track for each grade level:

A pace = 313 points – 100 peeps
B pace = 278 points – 20 peeps
C pace = 244 points – 6 peeps
D pace = 210 points – 4 peeps
F pace =…

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Wk6: Drawing

ScreenCao from FrenchGirlsApp website showing a diptych of the original photo selfie and what the French Girls user drew in response.

Drawing Week

It’s drawing week in Art110! Full details on the Drawing Activity Page!


All points are now up to date on BeachBoard. We’ve had 290 points so far, and here’s the numbers you should have to be on track for an “A”, “B”, etc:

A – 261 points – 97 peeps
B – 232 points – 23 peeps
C – 203 points – 6 peeps
D – 174 points – 4 peeps
F – 173 points – 13 peeps

Top 10
  1. Diana Martinez – 384

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Art Gallery Complex

The California State University at Long Beach (CSULB), College of The Arts (COTA), School of Art (SOA), Art Gallery Complex is a truly unique resource. Five student art galleries: Gatov Gallery West, Gatov Gallery East, Merlino Gallery, Dutzi Gallery & Werby Gallery present different MFA, BFA, and non-degree shows each week. We certainly need all these galleries since More students study Art & Design at CSULB than any other public university in America!

Exhibition Opportunities

The opportunity for an MFA student to not only be part of an MFA group exhibition, but to have the experience of producing a solo show is a powerful and valuable experience. That BFA students are afforded the same opportunity, and that both can also produce 1 or more non-degree shows during their time at the CSULB School of Art is priceless.

Viewing Opportunities

While the value of this exhibition experience for Art Students cannot be understated, it is also important to note what an incredible experience of art it offers both for Art Students, and for all students across the CSULB campus. I teach Introduction to the Visual Arts, a general education, non-major, mostly lower-division course. Each Thursday we spend our day at the School of Art, Art Gallery Complex viewing the new shows and talking with the artists. Over the course of our 15 week semester students have the opportunity to see 60 different shows and talk with 60 different artists. Culturally, aesthetically, and ideologically, the SOA student artists are as diverse as the myriad forms of media they employ in their work.

I’m not aware of anyplace else that students can see 60 different shows and talk with 60 different artists in a short, 4-month span. Southern California is home to many great Art Schools, but I’m not aware of any other school having 5 galleries. Southern California is home to many great Art Museums, but exhibitions there change every few months, not every week. 60 shows in a single semester is simply an extraordinary resource. And to have the artist right there for conversation makes it all-the-more unique and valuable an opportunity.

fiber art installation at the CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

fit / tina linville

Thank You!

The School of Art includes 12 Programs: Art History, Art Education, and 10 Studio Programs: Ceramics, Drawing & Painting, Fiber, Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation, Metals & Jewelry, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture & 4D, and Wood. For myself, and for my 143 students this semester, I can’t say thank you enough to the School of Art, and to the many student-artists who are giving us a singular opportunity to experience Art not just as Art Appreciation textbooks or Art Museums chronicle the achievements of the masters across the ages, but as 60 different artists about the same age as my students and living in the same city see art, life, and culture here in the 21st century.

Personal Opportunity

You can count me among the many who have benefited from this remarkable resource. A decade ago as an MFA student in Sculpture / Intermedia I had the rare opportunity to use all 5 galleries and the Art Gallery Courtyard for my thesis exhibition. My thesis “Blue Shift,” was a chance to think about the nature of existence in our contemporary moment. The 5 Galleries plus Courtyard were a unique chance to create 5 installation works each with its own angle on corporeality, phenomenology, instantiation, individuality and uniqueness.

Thank you School of Art! Thank you College of the Arts! Thank you CSULB!

Jeanette Viveros

Photosynth of Jeanette Viveros installation in the SOA Merlino Gallery last week.

Art Gallery Courtyard

School of Art, Art Gallery Courtyard

Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Gatov Gallery West & Gatov Gallery East installation by Heather Anacker & Krista Feld

Erynn Richardson / tina linville

Gatov Gallery West & Gatov Gallery East installations by Erynn Richardson / tina linville

Glenn Zucman / Blue Shift


Galleries at The Beach Art Gallery Complex The California State University at Long Beach (CSULB), College of The Arts (COTA), …

Wk5: Identity Art

Identity Art

This week Halloween comes early with our “Counterfactual Identity” project. Read the full details on our Counterfactual Identity, Activity Page!

CSULB, School of Art, Art110 Students at the Seal Beach Pier working on their Plaster Casting Projects

School of Art Galleries

Another full slate of galleries this week. Be sure to add the URL for your Artist & Classmate Conversations. Be sure to use the Correct Tags! Visit the Gallery Page to be sure. Also, here they are:
Wk 5 – Sep 21 – 15

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Art110 Projects

Crowdfunding projects from the students of CSULB Art110, Fall 2014.

As you know our CSULB Curated Kickstarter Page is currently in the approval process here at the University. I honestly don’t know how long it will take. Perhaps just a couple of days. Perhaps a lot longer. I’ll keep you posted. But meanwhile, here’s a page to present projects from your classmates.

The first person to launch is…

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Wk4: Sculpture Experience

Anna Joy Floresca

KS for SFSH (Art 110/Wk 3 Activity) from Anna Joy on Vimeo.

Kickstarter Videos

A lot of great project pitches from so many of you! Here are a few on this page. One small but importantdetail that a lot of you overlooked is that on group projects you didn’t list your partners full names and give links to their websites. I can’t stress how important…

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Wk 3: Arts Funding

Wk 3: Arts Funding

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

Last Week: Instagram Day (Relational Aesthetics)

Above: a small, sublime moment from IG day by Kari Maehara.
Below: Jack Taylor posts the IG of the day!

Good Post Names

Almost everybody is using great post names! But a few of you are using “bad” post names that make my job really hard. For maximum points, please use good post names. There are examples in the syllabus:…

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Wk 2: Relational Aesthetics

Wk 2: Relational Aesthetics

Gallery Etiquette

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the CSULB School of Art, Gallery Complex, experience on Thursday. One important thing to mention is how to behave in an Art Gallery or Art Museum. Galleries and Museums or “Cultural Institutions” have some things in common with Libraries, but also some things different. In a Library you’re supposed to be quiet. And touching the books (most of…

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Wk 1: Web Design

Wk 1: Web Design

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014


Hello everyone – Welcome to Fall 2014 & Welcome to Art110!

This semester we have 66 Freshmen, 60 Sophomores, 5 Juniors & 8 Seniors in Art110. It’s exciting to have some seniors spending their last year at CSULB with us in Art110. And it’s great to have so many Sophomores & Juniors here – Welcome Back! But especially to our 66 Freshman spending the 1st or 2nd day of their college career…

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Fall 14 Artists


Greater Los Angeles Master of Fine Arts Exhibition
Vav Vavrek, MFA Sculpture
Jesse Lubben, Photography
Chelsea McIntyre, Sculpture
Patricia Rangel, Metals
Helena Bae and Oscar Mendoza, Drawing and Painting
Maccabee Shelley, Ceramics
Jeannette Viveros, Sculpture
Mitchell Springer, Ceramics
Scott Burns, Ceramics
Photography Symposium
Mike Lewis, Photography
Photography Club
Angel Franco, Isaiah…

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Fall 14 Final

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

Laurie Gatlin, Art Education
Kendall Brown, Art History & Museum Studies
Tony Marsh, Ceramics
Tom Krumpak, Drawing & Painting
Carol Shaw-Sutton, Fiber Arts
Tor Hovind, Graphic Design
Robin Richesson, Illustration & Animation
Susanna Speirs, Metals & Jewelry
Kyle Riedel, Photography
Kimiko Miyoshi, Printmaking
Bryan Crockett, Sculpture / 4D
Ryan Taber, Wood

Dear School of Art Program Heads,

The Fall ’14…

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Fall 14 Galleries

Banner for Art110, Fall 2014

School of Art, Art Gallery Complex, Fall 2014 Artist Courtney Heiser stands in the Gatov Gallery at the CSULB School of Art and discusses her work with students visiting the gallery.

Courtney Heiser discussing her work with Art110 students.

Wk 1 & Wk 2 – Aug 25 – Sep 4
  • Greater Los Angeles Master of Fine Arts Exhibition – WPcom Tag: glamfa

The Greater Los Angeles Master of Fine Arts (GLAMFA) Exhibition is a representation of the next wave of contemporary artists. The exhibition features the works of MFA and MA students from the…

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Happy Trails!

The Activities

From your votes, here’s a table of feedback on our 12 Activities this summer. I’ve listed them in the order we did them, and then given the total number of votes (+ & -) the number of UpVotes, the number of DownVotes, and then the “Total” (+ – -)

View directly in Google Docs

Love & Hate

As you can see, one person’s most favorite activity was another person’s least favoriteactivi…

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