Julia Kang, Art 110, Fall 2019

Spring ’20 – Roster



Leave your Name and the URL of your WordPress.com website as a comment at the bottom of the page! πŸ™‚

Be sure to do this on time! It’s worth 25,000 points if you get it in by Sunday, Jan 26!

Also, you might like to click on all these links and follow your classmates to see their stuff in your WordPress feed! πŸ˜€

  1. Aaron Nguyen
  2. Abigail Callejas
  3. Alexis Jaramillo
  4. Alyssa Berumen
  5. Anaya Brown
  6. Andrea Hernandez
  7. Andrew Takaki
  8. Andrew Tran
  9. Anthony Morales
  10. April Williams
  11. Arvin Sales
  12. Ashley Hernandez
  13. Brian Hoang
  14. Brianna Sarria
  15. Brielle Sunseri
  16. Britney Hok
  17. Bryan Reyes
  18. Cade Middaugh
  19. Carlos Huerta Reyes
  20. Celine Win
  21. Christian Munoz
  22. Cindy Pham
  23. Coleen Ramos
  24. Cristian Chavez
  25. Cynthia Nguyen
  26. Danny Diaz
  27. Daniel Duong
  28. Daniel Mendez
  29. Dasaundra Lui
  30. Daven Pham
  31. Dean Vis
  32. Derek Zhang
  33. Dimitri Petrakis
  34. Eddie Seng
  35. Edwin Hernandez
  36. Emiliano Baltazar
  37. Ernesto Mendoza Pelayo
  38. Freddy Zavala
  39. Gina Olson
  40. Guillermo Fabian
  41. Gwendolyn Washburn
  42. Hailey Wick
  43. Hannah Corpuz
  44. Hilary Gonzalez
  45. Howard Chen
  46. Ibiza Quiroz
  47. Imanol Ortiz
  48. Ingrid Garcia
  49. Ivan Morales
  50. Jacob Ponce
  51. Jane Kim
  52. Janis Phaniphon
  53. Jasaira Rincon
  54. Jenny Ngov
  55. Jesus Gonzalez
  56. John Morago
  57. Johnathan Robinson
  58. Jordan Alonso
  59. Jorge Mendez Milian
  60. Jose Jimenez
  61. Joseph Masterson
  62. Joshua Velazquez
  63. Julliane Del Carmen
  64. Katelyn Ramos
  65. Kathy Nolasco
  66. Katie Slagle
  67. Kelsey Gruben
  68. Kevin Ho
  69. Kimberly Ayala
  70. Kimberly Flores
  71. Kimberly Martinez
  72. Krystal Jimenez
  73. Kyra Tan
  74. Lauren Schultz
  75. Lexuz Ledezma
  76. Macie Avila
  77. Makalo Taddwilliams
  78. Marco Yeung
  79. Melissa Boggs
  80. Melvin Kem
  81. Miao Cheng
  82. Miguel Garcia
  83. Nathan Amanuel
  84. Raquel Sanchez
  85. Raul (Aaron) Nunez
  86. Richard Casillas
  87. Riley Carpenter
  88. Ronald VanLerberghe
  89. Rosa Eap
  90. Ryan Conover
  91. Sage McNeely
  92. Sasha Godinez
  93. Scott Arima
  94. Sharon Vu
  95. Shivani Patel
  96. Sierrah Long
  97. Siobhan Hernandez
  98. Sofia Narciso
  99. Sofia Terry
  100. Tabarak Alshargi
  101. Taizin Barnhardt
  102. Tania Adame
  103. Thomas Erling
  104. Tim Huang
  105. Tina Vu
  106. Wendy Ha
  107. Yazmin Yanez
  108. Yesenia Vargas Martinez
  109. Yu Tung Hsiao (Olivia)
  110. Zack Damschen


  1. Aileen Nguyendrop?
  2. Armani Lollardrop?
  3. Cody Pokorny

Be awesome in 2020! πŸ˜€

Julia Kang, Art 110, Fall 2019.


153 responses to “Spring ’20 – Roster”

  1. dvvis Avatar

    Dean Vis dvv123art.wordpress.com

  2. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks Andrea, Melvin……… Sharon, April!

    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster! Woohoo!

    Have a great Spring 2020 semester, everyone!

  3. Cynthia Nguyen Avatar
    Cynthia Nguyen

    Hi! I’m Cynthia Nguyen. Here’s my blog – http://kaiyokun.art.blog

  4. ginaolson1121 Avatar

    Gina Olson -http://ginas.art.blog

  5. Anaya Brown Avatar

    the Anaya brown.wordpress.com

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Hi, Emiliano! It says that address doesn’t exist! πŸ˜›
      Could you double check it and see if there’s a correct URL to send?
      TY! πŸ˜€

      1. Emiliano Baltazar Avatar

        I am sorry professor I just saw the message you sent me but I have fixed the issue and the link should work now once again I apologize for inconvenience

  6. kyratan Avatar

    Kyra Tan ktan.art.blog

  7. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Jacob, Cynthia……. Janis, Kyra, TY!
    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster!
    Awesomesauce! πŸ˜€

  8. dzhang2023 Avatar

    Derek Zhang: derekzhang2023.art.blog

  9. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thanks Eddie, Cristian……… Macie, Brielle!
    You, and everyone else above this comment are on the roster now!
    Have a great semester everyone!
    Shout if you have questions about anything!

  10. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Thank you Cindy, Joseph, Taizin, Alyssa, Imanol, Armani & Arvin!
    You and everyone else above this comment are now on the roster!
    Have a great semester!
    See you Monday!

  11. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Jordan, Kevin………. Krystal, Tania!
    You’re on the roster! Yay!
    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster!
    See you tomorrow afternoon!

  12. Sofia Narciso Avatar

    Sofia Narciso – sofiastudio.art.blog

  13. nathanyamanuel Avatar

    Nathan Amanuel – thebestwebsitever.art.blog

  14. sofiant076 Avatar

    Sofia Terry sofiaterry.wordpress.com

  15. Emiliano Baltazar Avatar

    Emiliano Baltazar- emilianosart.art.blog

  16. Emiliano Baltazar Avatar
  17. Sasha Godinez Avatar
    Sasha Godinez
  18. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Andrew, Ashley……… Thomas, Sasha… you’re on the roster now!
    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster!
    Have a great semester everyone!
    C-U in Class!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      thanks, Christian, adding you to the roster!

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Hi, Raul!
      Your URL doesn’t seem to be working… can you double check it?

  19. Danny Diaz Avatar
    Danny Diaz

    Daniel Diaz 4danny20life.art.blog

  20. docsonic23 Avatar

    Raul Nunez

  21. realtim6 Avatar

    WordPress.com/home/realtim6va.wordpress.com. Tim Huang

  22. fredz19 Avatar

    https://theefreddys.home.blog/ Hi Professor, you have me on the roster but dont have my URL, here it is, this is Freddy Zavala. Thank you

  23. Glenn Zucman Avatar

    Everyone above this comment is now on the roster!

  24. duongd08 Avatar

    Hello there, bc i dont know where to post finished blogs, ill put here for this week for now until there is an appropriate place to post it. Art Discussion #1 – Women’s Work is also Art: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/duongd.design.blog/53

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Hi there, you don’t actually have to submit URLs for individual blog posts… as long as your URL is listed on the roster page, we can visit your website each week and take a look at the new project. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  25. drewbie562 Avatar

    Andrew Tran

    Hi Professor, would you be able to update my Roster Link?
    This should be more accurate towards my feed rather than the homepage,

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Hi, Andrew, looks like we can see all of your posts now that you’ve added that menu item! πŸ™‚

      Also, you can check out this video to adjust your theme if you’d like to:

  26. jlonso Avatar

    Jordan Alonso

    1. Glenn Zucman Avatar

      Got it, Jordan! TY!! πŸ˜€

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