Tag: Drawing

  • Summer ’21 – Week 5

    Summer ’21 – Week 5

    This week we get our pencils out, draw on cups, and hang out with Kara and Russell.

  • Wk 3 – Drinking & Drawing

    Wk 3 – Drinking & Drawing

    This week we relax with our favorite beverage and a pencil and learn about a whole new language that some of us hardly ever speak!

  • Isaac, Marie & the Red Pens

    Isaac, Marie & the Red Pens

    Sometimes Isaac & Marie draw their “ID Cards” with red ballpoint pens. It looks like this.

  • ID Cards!

    ID Cards!

    Here’s a few of your cool ID cards from Weeks 5 & 6! 😀

  • Week of Welcome!

    Week of Welcome!

    Hangin out @Week of Welcome, Drawing our ID Cards, and a just a little 3D printing!

  • Wk 8 Automatic Drawing

    Wk 8 Automatic Drawing

    So many awesome video projects last week! Let’s watch a few! This week: on to “Automatic Drawing”!

  • Wk4: Drawing

    Wk4: Drawing

    Hello Everyone! Nice work with your vlogs and discussions in Week 3, and now it’s on to Middle Ages, Joseph Cornell, and Drawing our names for Week 4!