Introduction to the Visual Arts

School of Art, Long Beach State University
Erica Lander & Audrey Resella

Erica Lander & Audrey Resella

Jan Davids

Jan Davids, collide-a-scope

Rosa Trujillo – Internships

Rosa Trujillo – Internships

Art @The Beach

A-B-C, easy as 1-2-3!

Part A

1st 3 weeks of class: Intro Talks & Resources

Part B

Middle 10 Weeks – bulk of course. 2 blog posts/week: SOA Artist Conversation & Art Activity!

Part C

Last 3 weeks (wk 14, 15 & Final) Optional EC Presentations & Final.

Weekly Posts

News, Updates, Points & Info on our Art 110 Course
Happy Fall Break!
Street Photography, Points Update, Leaderboard, Couchsurfing Fall Break, Fall Break Movie Suggestions, Scantron Midterm Results, EC: Time Travel, and more!
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Scantron Midterm Results
Results of the Scantron midterm are in! Everybody aced it!!! Here are some cool samples of your work!
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lauren woods: American MONUMENT
This week we're visiting and thinking about the many complex issues revolving around lauren woods' paused installation at the University Art Museum, American MONUMENT
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Art 110 Wisdom

Words from one student's ID card, combined with drawings of "Heads" (personalities) from another student's ID card, and attributed to a fictional Art 110 sage.