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  • Summer ’22 – Week 5

    Summer ’22 – Week 5

    This week we try painting our name in bubble letters. You can paint anywhere that’s LEGAL! Optional meetup at the Venice Beach Art Walls on Saturday!

  • Wk 4: Graffiti Writing

    Wk 4: Graffiti Writing

    It’s Graffiti Week in Art 110. We’ll try some Graffiti Writing, research the writer Revok, and discuss the film Bomb It. Plus points updates, samples of your Secret Architecture projects, and more goodness!

  • Wk 6: Zines & Flip Books!

    Wk 6: Zines & Flip Books!

    Something a little different this week: 1st 1/2 of roster upstairs in FA4-311 for 1st 1/2 of class & downstairs @Galleries for 2nd 1/2. Opposite for 2nd 1/2 of roster. We’ll be upstairs working on your Zines or Flip Books, and down at the SOA Galleries doing another (great) Artist…

  • Wk 5: Last Week Drawing, This Week Painting

    Wk 5: Last Week Drawing, This Week Painting

    Truly beautiful work in your Automatic Drawings last week! This week we move from drawing to painting as we try Graffiti Writing. Hope to (optionally) see you at the Venice Art Walls on Saturday!

  • Summer Wk9: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure!

    Summer Wk9: Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure!

    Cool samples of your Street Photography last week! This week: playing with our food, fashion or follicles. Guy Tang & Kat Von D. Representation & Abstraction.

  • Summer Art Activities @ The Beach

    Summer Art Activities @ The Beach

    CSULB School of Art, Intro to the Visual Arts, Summer ’16, a sampling of student activities in the first 7 weeks.

  • Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

    Wk 5: Cuisine & Beyond!

    Nice work with painting last week! This week we’re on to Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure. Which will inspire you?

  • Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

    Wk 4 Graffiti Writing

    Nice work drawing with Snapchat last week. Now it’s on to painting with spray paint. AKA, Graffiti Writing! AKA “Street Art”!

  • Wk5 Deep Ethnography

    Wk5 Deep Ethnography

    Awesome work with graffiti writing last week! This week we’re on to “Deep Ethnography”. Can you survive the challenge?

  • Wk8: ePortfolio

    Wk8: ePortfolio

    Art110 had lots of fun painting last week from backyards to Venice Beach. This week we’re on to creating the ePortfolios that we hope will land us the big job interview or help us gain access to other great things.

  • Happy Trails!

    Happy Trails!

    We’ve come to the end of our 12-week summer Art110! I’ve tallied your Up & Down votes for our activities and worked on some ideas for a better course. You’ll never guess who wound up being the #1 student this summer. And finally a farewell message. It’s been a great…

  • Venice Artwalls Summer ’14

    Venice Artwalls Summer ’14

    I metup with Amanda (and her niece) Siraj, and Julia (and her roommate) at the Venice Beach Legal Art Walls yesterday. Lostone JSK was checking peeps in yesterday and he was super helpful!