Introduction to the Visual Arts

Group Video Activity

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Elle Schneider in a field holding the Digital Bolex camera that she helped create
Cinematographer Elle Schneider with Digital Bolex camera

Video Production

The title pretty much explains this week’s Art Experience: “Group” “Video” “Activity”! 😀

  1. Form groups of 2-5 classmates
  2. Pick a theme or topic
  3. Make your video
  4. Upload it to Vimeo or YouTube
  5. All team members can embed the same video on their web page and each person can write their own post about the experience: what you tried to do, how the process went, how you feel about your result, what you might do different next time, and so on.

Tech Stuff

You don’t have to do or use anything fancy. But you can if you want to. You can shoot with a phone. Or if somebody has a real video camera, you can use that. You can edit in camera if you want to, or you can do some simple editing. Or you can do fancy editing. You don’t have to do special effects, but you can if you want to.

The same goes for costumes, locations, your script and everything else, let your ambition be your guide!

Video Permissions: YouTube lets you set your video to “Public”, “Unlisted” or “Private”. Public lets anyone see it and it can be searched for. With Unlisted it can’t be found by search, it can only be viewed by someone you give the link to. If you set your video to Private, I won’t be able to see it.

You can set your video to Public or Unlisted. After the class is over you can change it to Private or you can delete it. But be sure I can actually see your video for grading.

Themes / Topics

Music/ Performance

  • Recreate a music video
  • Cover of a song
  • Dance/Choreography
  • College Life
  • #CollegeProbs


  • Act out a break-up
  • Friendships
  • Family

Real Problems

  • Racial
  • Bullying

One comment

  1. Justin Marquez

    Group 11

    We, collectively as a group, thought that cuts are a good transition from scene to scene. Cuts are visually appealing transitions. If it was a series of photographs, the cut in photographs wouldn’t get the same visual appeal. Sometimes those cuts don’t make sense as we have to wait later in the movie to connect the dots. Cuts are the essence of film. We also thought the Space Oddessy was a little more weird compared to Serenity. The concept of the second movie was more appealing.

    Justin Marquez
    hunter mervosh
    Nicole Chovit

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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