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small banner for LBSU COTA SOA Art 110, Spring 2019


When thinking about your portfolio online you should look at other websites. And think about your own work. What aesthetic qualities fit your personality, your identity, and your career field?

Let’s start by looking at some example websites.
Well, before we can do that, let’s start-start by finding some nice examples for each of your fields and leaving links in the comments below.

Sample Websites:

  1. Search online and look at least 3 websites for people who have the sort of careers you would like to work toward. (when you first search for the name of your field, you might find a lot of company and news websites – search a little further, you’ll find sites for individual people – if you have trouble, message Glenn)
  2. Pick the awesomest of the 3 and leave that site URL as a comment below
  3. In your comment list:
  • Your Name
  • Your Career Area
  • The Name of the person whose website you’re showing
  • Their URL

BTW, I have seen, and you will probably see, a lot of bad websites in many different fields. If you like building websites, there could be work in it for you! 🙂


Action Sports, Travel

Choreography, Dance


Computer Programming

Dental Hygienist


Dermatology, Skincare, Makeup

Director, Writer/Director

Environmental Lawyer

Film Critic

Indie Filmmaking


Mechanical Engineering

Media Arts


Occupational Therapy

Pathologists’ Assistant


Physical Therapy



Special Effects, Prop Making




home page for a physical therapy website



    1. Great, Kevin!
      It’s actually a pretty good looking website! 😀
      Also, consider that every field will have a different aesthetic space. A tattoo artist’s site shouldn’t look like a private investigator’s site, and visa versa.

    1. Right, Audrey. It’s a Social Media world and most peeps do simply use the “correct” platform for their field. Hair stylists, for example, don’t generally have websites, they just hashtag the living daylights out of their IG posts and that works well for them.

      Even so, I do like having a home base that is yours. Social Media is a little like building your house on somebody else’s property. Or sleeping in the mall! 😛

      For sure you’ll meet more peeps at the mall than will ever come to your place… but the minority who do make it over to your website will have a stronger and deeper interest in your work.

      Check out Carla Dauden’s website. It’s pretty cool. Plus she’s a Long Beach State alum. Plus she returned and spoke to Art 110 in Nov 2016:

      filmmaker & activist Carla Dauden visits CSU Long Beach, College of the Arts, School of Art, Art 110, in room FA4-311

      I never met here while she was @LBSU. I discovered her later when her (awesome) video No, I’m not going to the World Cup went viral.

Comments? Questions? What great art did you see, make, or experience today?

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