Sustainable WordPress

Sustainable WordPress

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  1. I’ve just been contacted by WCLA’15 organizer Greg Douglas and informed that this talk has been accepted for the event! I had to fill in one more form, and here’s the info I provided:

    Speaker Bio

    I teach Art at Long Beach State. All of my students “turn in” their work via WordPress blog posts. I’m currently developing “ePortfolios for Artists” for Spring ’16. This course will focus on representing more students from the School of Art in cyberspace. My students tell me that Instagram is too oppressive, but they really feel free and empowered by Snapchat. I work on a lot of blogs. A lot. I’d really love for them to not be taken down in the years to come. I love putting WordPress buttons in Geocaches I place around SoCal.

    Talk Description

    The WordPress platform looks solid and sustainable for the foreseeable future. But what about YOUR WordPress website? If you get distracted by having kids, or pass away, will it be down within a year because of a vulnerability in your WP Theme, or a Plugin? In this talk we’ll look at long-term sustainability issues for a WordPress blog; list best practices for sustainable WordPress websites; describe solutions for individuals; describe solutions and business opportunities for hosting providers; and survey how other Web2.0 platforms are approaching these issues, eg: Google’s “Inactive Account Manager” or Facebook’s “Memorialization Request”.

    See you in September! 😀

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