1. Great presentation at #wclax2015. I feel lucky to have attended. Wish more WordCamp sessions use cool webpages instead of slides like you did. Thanks.

  2. You move a lot!! I saw your dad’s photos of your mum.. and you’r right.. they are still vibrant.. they are super cool for real. I loved you in that photo with your mom in the expanse of yellow flowers. Cool jacket.

    1. Aww, thanks Ele! You know, sadly I can’t find that jacket anymore! 🙁
      But actually I think I still have that shirt! 🙂
      Maybe I’ll wear it next time you visit!

      Haha, yes, I guess I move around a bit. I think I think better while in motion. BTW that’s part of why my little dining room had a tall “stand up table” instead of a normal sit-down table. I like standing / moving partly because it’s a nice way to think (eg: late-nite philosophy walks) and also because it’s so much healthier than sitting – and we sit so much these days! Well, maybe people who work the floor at H&M don’t sit so much! But “Information Workers” sure do! Anyway, besides all that, I think moving around just helps audience peeps stay awake a little bit. Haha, or maybe it’s too distracting! IDK! 😛

    2. PS: The mustard flower (yellow flower) photo is also cool because I had fringe! Sadly, I think those days are gone. Also my mom and I were both brunettes! Haha, we’re both blonde today! 😛

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